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Clinical Psychology Leaflet Task

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1 Clinical Psychology Leaflet Task
Key Issue Understanding Schizophrenia / Anorexia

2 Look at the leaflet that you already sourced.
In Pairs, discuss what is good / bad about this resource. Based on your discussions, what helped to inform the choices that you made in your own design.

3 What did your leaflet aim to achieve?
What are leaflets generally designed to achieve. Write a clear Aim for your task. (Remember to include the Key Issue in your aim).

4 Who was your intended audience?
Justify the design decisions that you made based on your audience.

5 Your leaflet was based on secondary data.
Where did you source your secondary data from? Outline 2 strengths of using secondary data. Outline 2 weaknesses of using secondary data.

6 How did you go about designing and making your leaflet?
Describe the Procedure.

7 How have you ensured that ethical issues have been considered?
Use p in your textbook to discuss these.

8 You now need to evaluate your partners leaflet.
You could take on the role of different health care professionals to give you a different perspective: Give 2 strengths: Give 2 gifts (areas of suggested improvement):

9 Generally, what difficulties and considerations did you meet in your leaflet design?

10 Exam Questions – June 2011 As Part of your course in clinical Psychology you will have prepared a leaflet in which you have used secondary data. a) What is meant by secondary data? (2 Marks) b)Explain ONE strength and ONE weakness of using secondary data in psychological research. (4 marks) Christine Brain – look at student example answers.


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