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Overview and Structure of World Bank Customs Projects.

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1 Overview and Structure of World Bank Customs Projects

2 Customs-related projects 1981-2002: All projects Total project costs Percent Total number of projects 122 Customs- specific costs ($ million) 1,51710,30815%

3 Types of operations Part of structural adjustment loans Specific investment loan Customs-specific TA project Customs-related cost from less than 1 million up to 140 million $

4 Customs investment and TA projects Total number of customs- related projects 36 Total customs-specific cost to WB ($ million) - approved 211 Total customs-specific cost to WB ($ million) - disbursed 63

5 Major TA operations Completed Philippines, Albania Ongoing Turkey, Colombia, Tanzania, Guatemala, TTFSE: Bulgaria, Romania, FYRM, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia Upcoming Russia, Pakistan (?)

6 Performance of customs-related projects FY 1981-2002FY 1996-2002 No. of projects 8324 Outcome satisfactory 82%83% Sustainability likely 66%71% Substantial institutional development impact 39%29% Bank performance satisfactory 46%83% Borrower performance satisfactory 46%88%

7 Key Project Components Customs control and clearance Trade facilitation Organizational structure and management HRM and training Improving the integrity of the customs service IT Legal and appeals

8 Design of new performance management criteria Limited role of collection targets Trade facilitation benchmarks Efficiency/collection costs

9 TTFSE: Monthly maximum examinations (% on September 30) 200020012002 Bulgaria12108 Croatia503525 Romania855045

10 Key challenges: Risk analysis Reduction in the number of physical inspections Reduce discretion of customs inspectors Improve post-clearance audit capacity

11 Addressing Integrity Issues Severe corruption problem in customs administrations Corruption risk maps Design of an anti-corruption strategy Strengthening the internal audit function

12 Improving private-public interactions Improvement of service quality Develop consultative relationships with traders Interactive websites Regular business surveys as progress monitoring tools

13 Partnerships IMF UNCTAD EU Phare/Tacis US

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