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OCFO Communications Survey 2008 Results Reported by Angela White Town Hall April 30, 2008 1.

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1 OCFO Communications Survey 2008 Results Reported by Angela White Town Hall April 30, 2008 1

2 2008 OCFO Strategic Plan Major initiative to enhance internal communications Communications Committee to develop OCFO Communications Plan Results of this survey will contribute to the development of that plan Plan will recommend initiatives and ideas for improving communication 2

3 Background October 2007 – Invitation to join OCFO Communications Committee via level-1 email Committee met several times to develop a Project Charter 3

4 Committee Members Angela White Carol Harris Earls Cynthia Jones Eva McNeil Glenna Rogers Hanh Le Linda Brown Linda Nowell Lisa Oshiro Maria Atkinson Mary Strickland Nancy Saxer Teresa Grossman Tim Young 4

5 Committee Mission The mission of the OCFO Communications Committee is to develop an OCFO Communications Plan that will foster effective communication that supports a positive and productive work environment at every level within the OCFO. 5

6 How Survey Was Created Used collective brainstorming Referenced other communication surveys for ideas 6

7 Total Who Completed Survey 206 OCFO Employees 206 OCFO Employees 7

8 Overall Satisfaction with Communications in the OCFO 8 Percentage of total respondents per level of satisfaction

9 Overall Impression of Communications in the OCFO 9 Percentage of total respondents per impression rating

10 Feeling About Information as to Believability 10 Percentage of total respondents per believability rating

11 Staff is good about returning phone calls and answering questions Finance Network Recent video communication Communications between Division Business Council (DBC) and OCFO OCFO website Jeffrey Fernandez is trying to keep open doors for communication Best Things About Communications in the OCFO 11

12 When There Was No Best Thing Information is strategically controlled Manager doesn’t share information with our department Not told all the facts Information is watered down, incomplete 12

13 Most Important Communications Topic? (Top 5) 13 Total number of votes

14 Other Topics of Importance Big Picture financial flow Committees to be communicated Staffing projections System changes Departmental Re-engineering Projects 14

15 Percentage Read of OCFO Newsletter 15 Percentage of total respondents per amount of newsletter read

16 Current Method for Communications (Top 3) 16 Total number of votes

17 Preferred Method for Communications (Top 3) 17 Total number of votes

18 Supervisor Asks for Feedback 18 Percentage of total respondents per frequency rating

19 Level of Understanding of the Hiring/Reclassification process 19 Percentage of total respondents per amount of process understood

20 Input Re: Supervisor as part of PRD Process 20 Percentage of total respondents per level of importance rating

21 How Valuable are the Town Halls in Regards to Communication? 21 Percentage of total respondents per value rating

22 Town Hall Suggestions 5OK as is 7More often 4Regular schedule 3Less Town Halls 3No Town Halls 4Department accomplishments 4Not attended yet 4Does not attend 22 Count of comments/suggestion per type (summarized)

23 Is Relevant Information Passed from Senior Managers’ Meeting? 23 Count of respondents per answer

24 Preferred Communication Method with Jeffrey Fernandez (Top 2) 24 Total number of votes

25 Overall Suggestions Too many duplicate email lists, if right audience then email would not need to be forwarded Senior managers should learn everyone’s names Monthly or quarterly newsletter Sharing info and accomplishments across departments and groups 25

26 Less meetings, more decisions Make staff meetings 2-way opportunities – not just when manager has news A blog for Jeffrey to say what’s on his mind and let the community respond Avoid gossip by being willing to communicate what's going on, even if things haven't been resolved yet Overall Suggestions, cont’d 26

27 Possible Conclusions Valuable information was gathered Overall most people are fairly happy with communication but there could be improvements Some feel communication is very poor and major improvement is needed 27

28 A Few Specifics Increase frequency of OCFO newsletter Continue with skip level meetings Improve structure of email communication Improve 2-way communication with supervisors Increase direct communication, avoiding middlemen 28

29 A Few Specifics, cont’d Increase communications on: –Committees and key meetings –Issues and trends affecting the Lab –Training and development opportunities –Departmental accomplishments 29

30 What’s Next? Post on the web: –Town Hall presentation –Full Report Committee to complete draft of Communications Plan by end of June Plan will be made available to the OCFO community for comment Jeffrey and the Committee will prioritize and finalize the Plan 30

31 Thank You! Questions: Angela White x7873 Feedback & ideas: Suggestion Box on the OCFO home page under “Contact Us” 31

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