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“Seventh Grade” By Gary Soto.

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1 “Seventh Grade” By Gary Soto

2 Theme Remember! Theme is the main idea, overall message, or lesson that the author wants you to take away from the story. Be yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Victor attempts to impress Teresa by pretending to know French. He embarrasses himself in class when the teacher calls on him to give an answer and he doesn’t know it.

3 Plot (what happens) Victor signs up for French because he hopes Teresa will be in his class. Victor and his friends practice scowling at girls because they think that will make the girls like them. In French class Victor wants to impress Teresa so he raises his hand when the teacher asks if anyone knows French. Victor, however, cannot speak French and embarrasses himself. Mr. Bueller knows Victor is faking but does not give him away. Teresa believes Victor can speak French so she asks him to tutor her!

4 Timed Pair Share Talk with the person sitting next to you (or at your table). The taller person goes first. Share for thirty seconds. Then the second person will share for thirty seconds. Do you think Teresa really believes Victor knows French? Why or Why not?

5 Important Characters Victor: He is in 7th Grade. He is taking French this year. He has a crush on a girl named Teresa. Teresa: She is also in 7th grade. She is taking French with Victor. Victor describes her as cute. She is smart and also good at Math. Michael: He is Victor’s friend. He tells Victor that girls like it when boys scowl at them Mr. Bueller: He is the French teacher. Even though he quickly realizes that Victor is pretending to know French he does not give him away.

6 Setting The story takes place in school. There are different scenes in the lunch room and in French class. The story takes place in California. Draw a picture! Pick a scene from the story and illustrate it. Make sure to include color and detail.

7 Create a Skit In groups of four or five (I will pick the groups!) you will create your own skit. You need to have these characters: Victor Teresa Mr. Bueller Michael If you are in a group of five the fifth person must be another friend or student. Use the story as inspiration. Everyone needs to have at least five lines. We will present these for a grade next time!

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