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Presented by: Oswald Morgan Project Manager PGFPC November 30, 2014.

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1 presented by: Oswald Morgan Project Manager PGFPC November 30, 2014

2  Conceptualized through the partnership between the Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) & the Centre for Concern (CfC).  The Project responds to:  The need for a more inclusive approach to public policy determination in the Caribbean, and  In particular, the information and capacity constraints that limit participation in fiscal policy.  The Project recognizes that citizens have not made use of opportunities afforded to them to actively engage in policy making, especially fiscal policy, consequently,  Project focuses on information sharing and capacity building of civil society organizations (CSOs) around fiscal policy issues.

3 This Project is primarily designed to improve participatory governance and promote the establishment of a platform for fiscal policy dialogue between citizens and their governments in selected CARICOM countries.

4  The Project contemplates the fulfillment of two strategic goals over its life span: 1) To enhance the engagement and interaction between CSOs, other key partners and government at the local and national levels on issues affecting fiscal policy. 2) To enhance the capacity of CSOs and other key partners, to engage with government in more effective fiscal policy dialogue.

5  COMPONENT 1: - Sensitization, Education & Mobilization of CSOs & Other Key Partners: The Project will seek to cultivate an awareness and build a consciousness among CSO members, business interests and the public on a whole, of the civic responsibilities of citizens to engage and interact with their government as partners in their own right, through a process of fiscal policy dialogue.  COMPONENT 2: - Capacity building of CSOs & Other Key Partners: The Project will seek to augment the capacity of its partners to identify, learn and to dialogue with government on critical issues affecting fiscal policy.

6  Project Duration: The duration of the life of the Project is for a period of three (3) years from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2017.  Project Location: The Project’s coordination will be based in Jamaica, and implementation will be undertaken mainly in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and St. Lucia.  Donors: Commonwealth Foundation, London, UK Centre for Concern, Washington, DC, USA

7  Executing Agency: Institute of Law & Economics, Kingston, Jamaica  Chairperson Project Steering Committee (Regional): Rosalea Hamilton  Chairperson Project Management Committee (Jamaica): Judith Wedderburn  Project Manager: Oswald Morgan  Project Technical Asst: Tahirah Johnson



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