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© United Nations Development Programme THE FUTURE WE WANT: Turning Visions into Goals - Where is the international process headed? Jose Dallo - UNDP/One.

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1 © United Nations Development Programme THE FUTURE WE WANT: Turning Visions into Goals - Where is the international process headed? Jose Dallo - UNDP/One Secretariat Denmark 11/09/2013

2 A turning point Key inputs Key inter-governmental processes at the UN... OWG, HLPF, Expert Committee SD, Special event SIDS, CC, Hyogo… Reports UN TT, HLP, GC, SDSN, RC, UNSG

3 5 UN commissioned reports They are coherent and complementary. They reflect a high degree of convergence on key issues such as: 1)Complete the unfinished job of the MDGs 2)Universality of the post/2015 agenda with one set of goals 3)Ending poverty in the context of sustainable development 4)Institutions, good governance, peace and security 5)Addressing inequalities 6)Positioning of women’s empowerment and gender issues 7)Environmental sustainability with climate change as a priority 3

4 1. 88 National consultations : Lead by the UN Resident Coordinators and building on on- going consultations, 2. 11 Thematic consultations : with academia, media, private sector, employers, trade unions, civil society, and decision makers on themes such as inequalities, health, and energy 3. Global Outreach : MY World Survey (on-line and off line) worldwewant2015.or gworldwewant2015.or g web platform Post-2015 development agenda INCLUSIVENESS EQUITY SUSTAINABILITY UNDG Initiative - 3 pillars of work – 1.3 million participants UNDG: open and inclusive consultations

5 Messages from the peoples of the UN MDG issues remain the building blocks of human development Ideas about how to improve the MDGs People are asking for an expanded agenda to address new and persistent challenges Call for a unified and universal agenda centered on poverty eradication in the context of sustainable development

6 Global Partnership for Development: The Challenge We Face ODA declined and failed to reach the 0.7% Trade gap between countries continues to narrow HIPC and MDRI have reduced HIPC’s debt burden an average of 90% Medicines are not always available and/or affordable ICT use has grown in all regions

7 25th September – High Level Event Strong report from the SG combined with effective political leadership from the Special Event and the Forum could provide decisive momentum for the process : Some initial substantive agreements A road map UN system support to the discussion

8 Moving to consensus building in the framework of intergovernmental processes 1)Member states must have full ownership 2)UN coordinated services have to be fully in sync with the intergovernmental process 3)UN task is to inspire not to prescribe. Need to reinforce outreach and communications 4)Strengthen credibility of MDG acceleration 5)Prepare the transition from the MDGs. We need to be ‘fit for purpose’ 6)Maintain the dialogue and engagement at country level and with global stakeholders 8

9 Challenges in the way forward Notwithstanding areas of emerging consensus, there remain difficult areas where contention and divergence may occur: Necessity of a paradigm shift; North/south divide Not dropping the ball on poverty while fully incorporating sustainability Peace and security Addressing Human Rights and Universality 9

10 Post-2015 Framework SDG Process HLP Report UNSG report Mar 2013 Sep 2013 Sep 2014 Sep 2015 OWG and SD Finance reports submitted to UNGA UNDG 1 st report Dec 2014 UNSG report HOSG summit to adopt new framework Special event on MDGs and post-2015 UNDG 2 nd report HLPF 1st A possible Timeline SD Finance established OWG established

11 We listened, now what? Moving to further engagement with Member States and non-state actors Means of implementation will be a central issue UNCTs expand support and advice to Member States at the level of capitals Continued coherence in UN’s work The need for the UN to get ready and “fit for purpose” to support delivering a more holistic and comprehensive agenda

12 Deepening an open and inclusive post-2015 dialogue Expectations have been raised: desire for continued avenues for consultation and engagement Maintain open spaces for engagement at the national level and augment the outreach structures put in place by the OWG to inform, motivate and inspire. Go beyond UNDG and outside the UN to bring ideas and legitimacy Countries are expected to face implementation challenges when putting the new development agenda into effect. Can the UN help to shed light on these?

13 Informing the discussion with national evidence: illustrative national goals Development experience should inform the discussions Questions emerge about how to include “new” issues or frame “old” issues as SDGs SDGs to be determined at national level, according to national starting points and priorities Based on demand from MSs, the UN could support the formulation of illustrative national goals, which in turn could help in the development of the “global” SDGs National level presence and MDGs experience provides the rationale for help prototyping the emerging priorities discussed in the intergovernmental process

14 Thank You!

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