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Discovering the Value of IP January 24, 2006 Don Fiorentino Vice President/General Manager.

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2 Discovering the Value of IP January 24, 2006 Don Fiorentino Vice President/General Manager

3 The True Value Of IPC  Enhanced Experience  New Revenue EmployeesCustomersCorporation  Reduced Costs  Shared Infrastructure  Increased Production  Collaboration

4 IPC Requires a Total Solutions Provider with Lifecycle Capabilities Lack of proper lifecycle will: Drive Costs Up Eliminate Value from the Network

5 Total Solutions Provider  Strong Core Product and Services Capabilities  Product Stability, Capability Supports Services As An Extension Of Requirements  Vs. Services Rectifies Product Deficiencies  Extensive, Collaborative Services Delivery  Provide Access To Sophisticated, Scarce Technical Expertise  Able To Control Startup/ Ongoing Costs  Current In Technology Developments While Controlling Technical Risk  Deliver World Class Performance With Clear Objectives, Accountability, And Control  Create Consistency Across A Decentralized Environment

6 Example IPC Lifecycle Site Surveys WAN Analysis Project Requirements Workshop Hardware Readiness Assessment Bandwidth Modeling/Voice Capacity Requirements Security Policy Development Change Management Process Development Fault Management Process Development Availability Benchmarking Low-Level Network Design Proof of Concept Testing Network Modeling Solution Review and Acceptance Floor Plans and Cutover Sheets Technical Support Online Account Hardware Replacement Configuration Backups Movers, Adds, Changes Network Monitoring Problem Determination Resolution Configuration Management Availability and Service-Level Reporting LAN and PSTN Management Network Staging Customer Acceptance Criteria Installation Integration and Configuration Acceptance Testing Create Documentation Cutover Support Operational Handoff Training Customer Admin. and End-user Training Ongoing Software Release Assessment Ongoing Design Support Knowledge Transfer Performance Analysis and Recommendation Network Tuning Network Reliability Improvement Analysis Security Audits and Assessments Operational SupportMaintenanceDeployment Enterprises can fulfill the lifecycle by using a services firm to augment skill Enterprises can fulfill the lifecycle by using a services firm to augment skill PLAN DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE OPTIMIZE

7 The Benefits of IPC Are Worth It  Improved Customer Experience  Reduced Wait Times  Integrated Customer Data  Enhanced Revenue Opportunities  Integration into Point-of-Sale Applications  Customer Applications to Add Special Service Options  Productivity Improvements  Easier Access to Customer Data  Customer “Self-Service” Capabilities  Increased Profitability  Integrated Information Tracking (i.e., Billable Hour Tracking in a Law Firm)  Minimized On-Site Technical Support

8 Reducing Costs While Improving Patient Care Challenge: Connect 40 sites on a Single, Integrated Network Solution  Hybrid IP Systems and Video Integrated into Data Infrastructure  WLAN for Clinician Mobility  Biometrics Pilot Result  Improved Network Performance  Streamlined Administration  Reduced Costs by 15%  Foundation for Advanced Applications...helps us solve the challenge of providing timely and reliable access to patient information. -CiIO, North Shore-LIJ “ ”

9 Improve Productivity and Service: Municipal Efficiency Challenge: Manage 17% Annual Growth Solution  Establish Network Performance Baseline  Replace PBXs with IPC Network  Connect All City Services  Centralize Unified Messaging  IVR Trees for All Departments Result  Achieved “Best-in-Class” Public Support System  20% Reduction in Annual Spend  Enhanced Network Capacity for Future Growth “ ” [NEC’s] assessment service provided information critical to the successful design and implementation of the new IP Telephony Network - CIO, City of Surprise, Arizona

10 Key Learnings: Technology  Mission Critical Network Application Requirements for Voice  Quality of Service/Packet Prioritization  Converged Applications  Unified Communications  Network Access Security Grows in Importance  System Support Requires Remote Monitoring

11 Key Learnings: Users  Terminal Convergence  Phones Access Databases  PCs with Soft Phones  Dual Mode Wireless/Cellular Phones  Tailored Applications Enhance Customer Experience  Easier Information Access Creates Self-Service Capabilities

12  Data and Voice Organizations Have Merged  Companies Migrating to a Single Converged IT/Communications Strategy  Cross Functional Skill Sets of Voice, Data and Video are Critical Key Learnings: Management

13 Key Learnings: Reliability  IPC Transition Process Must Be Transparent  “Day 2” Support Is Required  Calling via any Network  The “Third Phase” of IPC Deployment: Monitoring

14 Conclusion  Market and Technology Transition Driving Change  Emerging Capabilities  New Partnerships Are Formulating  Services Skills Availability Projected to Remain Low  Voice Services Complexity Increasing  Outsourcing Demand Increasing  Daily Business Priorities vs. IT Needs  Economics: Labor, Training, T&L  Risk – Criticalness of IT vs. In House Dependency  New Partner Selection Criteria Is the Best Bet to Master Leadership  A Total Solution Provider is a Safe Bet!

15 you Thank you Thank

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