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Title, Registration, Plates, Inspection, Insurance

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1 Title, Registration, Plates, Inspection, Insurance
Vehicle Information Title, Registration, Plates, Inspection, Insurance

2 Title: Buying a Used Car
Complete reverse side: Buyer’s name, address Seller’s Signature (sign in front of buyer) The date of sale Odometer Reading (check it yourself) Sale price VIN: Vehicle Identification Number

3 Title Present: Signed title Sales tax form
Sales tax fee or proof of sale tax payment (7%) Pay titling fee

4 Title Keep it in a safe place. You need it to sell a car
Must be transferred within 10 days of purchase. Penalty $25 fine. Loan/Lease: bank holds the title until the loan/lease is paid off

5 Step to register a car Initial Registration
Application Title (proof of ownership) (Leased vehicle: power of attorney from the leasing company) Proof of Insurance: Company name and policy number Proof sales tax paid. (7%) Driver’s license Registration is issued for 1 year Check for errors before leaving MVC.

6 Registration Must be at least 17 years old to register a car in NJ.
The registration must be with the car when you or someone else is driving your car. Fine: $173. Renewal yearly. Brand-new car: Initial registration: 4 years, then yearly. Renew by mail or on-line. Renewal notices sent home about 2 months in advance. If doesn’t arrive, renew at MVC in person.

7 Registration Duplicates available for additional fee.
Motorists may also order specialty license plates on line when renewing registration. Change of address within NJ: 1 week Change of name: 2 weeks. Move into NJ: 60 days to title and register.

8 License Plates 2 total: 1 in front & 1 in rear; 12 – 48” from ground, clean and visable. Rear plate must be lit at night (and visible from 50’.) If lost or stolen: report to police, retain copy of complaint, replace within 24 hours at MVC. License plate covers or holders that obscure or conceal any lettering on the plate is a violation with a fine up to $100.

9 Buy Another Car You may transfer plates from one car to another (same class) after registering the car. No need for plates: Turn into MVC and get a receipt. Keep receipt in a safe place.

10 Forged or Counterfeit Plates
Fine up to $500 DLS up to 6 months Jail up to 60 days

11 Inspection: Effective August 1, 2010
For emissions only: to comply with federal Clean Air Act standards based on year, make and model of the vehicle.

12 Inspection: Effective August 1, 2010
Elimination of the mechanical defects (safety) portion of the inspection process for passenger vehicles. Responsibility will be on the owner that the vehicle meets all standards: brake suspension, steering, wheel alignment and safety features (headlights, tail lights, tires, horn, windshield wipers and turn signals).

13 Inspection Inspections can take place at a state or a private inspection facility (garage).

14 Documents needed to have vehicle inspected:
License Registration Insurance

15 Inspection New cars do not require inspection for 4 years.
All other cars: inspected every 2 years.

16 Failure: Have to the end of the following month from when it was due.
EXAMPLE Due in March Bring for inspection March 1st Fail Have until the end of April to have it re-inspected

17 Inspection Move into NJ, you have 14 days after registering your car to have it inspected.

18 Driving with an Expired Inspection Sticker
Fine: $100-$200 Jail up to 30 days Registration may be revoked.


20 Insurance Liability Insurance is mandatory in NJ.
Driving without a valid insurance card: Fine DLS Community Service Insurance surcharge

21 Inspection Tips

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