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American History Mr. Canfarotta February 8, 2010.

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1 American History Mr. Canfarotta February 8, 2010

2 1. Distrust After the French and Indian war there began to grow a distrust between the Colonists and the British. This distrust was due to many reasons: Proclamation of 1763 10,000 troops sent Taxation without Representation

3 2. The Sugar Act Due to heavy taxes levied by the British the Colonists smuggled in many goods including sugar from the West Indies. The Sugar Act set up smuggling courts with no juries, and issued writs of assistance, or the ability for a government official to search a home anytime. The Colonists saw this as an abuse of power.

4 3. The Stamp Act This act placed a tax on every printed material in the Colonies. Colonists had to get a stamp placed which was inconvenient, and also cost money. The British gave them this tax without their consent.

5 4. Protest The sons of liberty was a group led by Samuel Adams. They protested the stamp act by taking to the streets and: burning effigies destroying houses belonging to royal officials shouting that only Americans can tax Americans.

6 5. Boycott People in the colonies refused to use the stamps or buy British goods. They pledged not to import or buy imported goods from Britain.

7 6. The Townshend Acts After the sugar and stamp act Britain would try one more time to tax imported goods to raise money for themselves. They taxed: glass, tea, paper, and lead. Which were all things the colonists did not produce on their own. The biggest problem was that this money was then to go and pay the British governors which meant that the colonists no longer had any control.

8 7. The Boston Massacre On March 5, 1770 the tension between the two sides finally reached a peak when five colonists were shot and killed by British soldiers. It was the first bloodshed in the American Revolution.


10 8. The Boston Tea Party In protest to the tea act a group of colonists dressed as Indians boarded a British tea ship and unloaded 342 chests worth of tea in to the water. This was a sign to the British that they were losing control of the Colonists.

11 9. The Intolerable Acts Were laws passed to punish the people in Boston. They were: 1.) Boston harbor was closed until the colonists paid for the tea they destroyed. 2.) Prohibited town meetings. 3.) Forced Bostonians to shelter soldiers in their own homes.

12 10. Unity The Intolerable acts did not break the Colonists spirits Instead it made them come together and become stronger as a whole country not as disjointed.

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