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Assessing and Analyzing Markets

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1 Assessing and Analyzing Markets
Chapter 14

2 Market Screening What is it? Environmental screening
Two types of screening Country Screening


4 Initial Screening Basic need Foreign Trade and Investment
Specialized product Less specialized product Foreign Trade and Investment Source UN’s International Trade Statistics Yearbook International Trade Administration Why can’t you look at imports?

5 Financial and Economic Screening
Market indicators Survey of Buying Power Market factors Estimation by analysis Trend analysis Cluster analysis Periodic updating

6 Political and Legal Screening
Entry Barriers Profit Remittance Barriers Policy Stability

7 Sociocultural Screening
Difficulties Subjective Hard to get information How to get information?

8 Competitive Forces Number, size, and strength of competitors
Their market share Their marketing strategies The effectiveness of their promotional programs The quality levels of product lines Their sources of products- imported locally produced Their pricing policies Their levels of after-sale service Their distribution channels Their coverage of the market

9 Final Selection Visit the Country Field Trip
Government Sponsored Trade Missions and Trade Fairs Trade mission Advantages Trade fair

10 Final Selection Local Research Hire a local research group?
Difficulties Cultural problems Questionnaires Social desirability Distrust Technological problems Mail Government rules Common Practices

11 Segment Screening Across nations Difficulties Definable Large
Accessible Actionable Capturable

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