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Information You Need To Know About Redding Middle School.

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1 Information You Need To Know About Redding Middle School

2 The Bus You should be at the bus stop 10 minutes before you are supposed to be picked up. You must ride only your assigned bus. No one else can ride your bus. Our school wide expectations – Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be a Good Citizen, Be There Be Ready are expected to be followed on the bus as well as in school. At the end of the day, students must go directly to their buses. No Socializing!

3 Announcements Remain Seated and Silent During Announcements You must stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

4 Guidance Counselors Our Guidance Counselor’s Names are Ms. Janis and Ms. Long The Counselors are available to help with academic, person/social, and career development choices. To meet with a guidance counselor you must follow the following steps:

5 1.To see the guidance counselor, you must fill out a guidance request form. This form will be posted in your classroom. 2.On the form you must include: your first and last name, whether you are on the blue team or white team, a brief description of why you’d like to see a counselor, which counselor you’d like to see (if you have a preference), and the date. 3.Students will be seen according to the date they filled out the form unless the student has indicated that their reason for wanting to see a counselor is an EMERGENCY (suicide, drugs or weapon, if you feel as though you are going to harm someone, if someone is going to harm you or harm someone else). 4.If you have an emergency, please let your teacher know with a brief explanation so he/she can determine if you need to see the counselor immediately. 5.There are mailboxes outside of the guidance office for Ms. Janis and Ms. Long. You can place the request in the mailbox on your way to lunch or give it to your teacher to drop off. If you do not want your teacher to see why you wish to speak to a guidance counselor, fold the paper and staple it. To See the Guidance Counselors…

6 The Main Office When going to the office to talk with someone or to use the phone, you must have a pass. When you enter the office, do not go past the counter. Wait patiently for Mrs. Gilbert or Mrs. Adams to speak with you. Do not walk past Mrs. Gilbert or Mrs. Adams to speak with the principal or vice principal. If you come to the office to use the phone, even though you have a pass, you still must ask one of the office staff if you can use the phone. The phone in the office is for emergencies only (I.e. forgot homework, project, lunch money, gym clothes). The phone is not to be used to ask permission to go home with another student after school, or if you don't feel well. Students need to go to the nurse to be dismissed from school. Also, if you have an argument or problem with someone, you cannot use the phone to call your parents, you need to speak with an interventionist or administrator.

7 The Nurse All students must participate in school related activities, unless a doctor’s note says otherwise. No student may take medication of any kind unless the school nurse administers it. Prescription medications must come in their original prescription bottle with a note from parents. Please see agenda book for additional details. If you are not feeling well, you must ask your teacher for a pass to see the nurse. After evaluating you, it will be the nurse’s decision to contact a parent to pick you up, allow you to rest in her office, or return to class – no arguments. Students are not to call home from a cell phone if you do not feel well. You must go to the nurse. The nurse will have planning time during the day. Unless it is an emergency, you are not to go to the nurse during this time. Planning times will be announced when they are finalized.

8 Emergency Pink Cards Each student will get a pink card at the beginning of the year. It is very important that your parents complete this card and return it to school. It tells us who to contact in case of an emergency If your phone number changes, your parents work or cell phone change, please let the nurse know so she can update the card In Case Of Emergency

9 Purple Passes Teachers will have purple passes that will be given to students that are in violation of the dress code. If issued a purple pass, there is no arguing or discussion... the student must report directly to the office to see Mr. Comegys or Ms. Barnes. If an administrator determines there is no violation, the student MUST return with a properly signed pass stating that he/she is appropriately dressed for the day. Repeated violations will result in referrals for defiance. If you are in violation of the dress code you have three options: Call home and have your parents bring you a change of clothes, wear clothes provided by the administration, go to In School Suspension. Dress Code Violat i on!

10 In The Cafeteria Students may bring lunches or purchase lunches ($1.50). Students should respect their peers, property, and staff members in the cafeteria. Students must remain seated except to purchase items, return trays to the dishwashing area, or place trash in receptacles. Students must leave tables and floors clean and may not take food or beverages from the cafeteria.

11 In The Halls Students should walk to the right in halls and on stairways, moving without stopping, keeping their hands to themselves, and cooperating with staff members. Students should report directly to class. While in the halls, students should walk quietly and use respectful language. Students who are not in their assigned classroom must have a valid written hall pass from their teacher.

12 Assemblies Students should enter all assemblies quietly and orderly Your feet should remain on the floor There should be no talking during performances Hold your applause to the end Face forward and show respect to the presenter If you are disruptive you will be removed. Removal from any assembly may result in an inability to attend future assemblies.


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