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As a leader in our community, we ask you to: Keep Our Families Strong and Healthy.

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1 As a leader in our community, we ask you to: Keep Our Families Strong and Healthy

2 Is this your image of homelessness?

3 The new homeless look like this

4 There are more than 6,200 children not sleeping in their homes tonight

5 They are sleeping in someone’s garage, on a friend’s couch, in their car, in a shelter, or on the street.

6 The New Face of Homelessness  50% of all US homeless are family members  40% of all US homeless are children  Often headed by young, single moms with limited education, making low wages  Highest risk are children under age of 2, and those emancipating from foster care system

7 The New Face of Homelessness

8 Increasing Family Homelessness  Loss of employment - >10%  Underemployment  Illness or injury  Lack of sufficient affordable housing  Increasing cost of living in San Diego  Foreclosures & bankruptcies

9 What does Homelessness Mean?  Poor health  Developmental delays  Stress, mental health challenges  Family separation & divorce  Poor school attendance & performance  Lack of ability to seek and secure jobs  Increased # in foster care system

10 What does Homelessness Cost?  US annual cost of sheltering families estimated $1.9 to $2.2 Billion  SDCounty $8 million annually  Increased cost to hospitals, schools and other social support systems

11 Shelter is not the Answer! Cost of Shelter Stays by Type  One-time short term (75%) $11,550  Average 72 days (5%) $21,450  Average 252 days (20%) $48,440 Cost to shelter is 10x cost of prevention!.

12 It’s About Permanent Housing

13 SD County Strategies for Ending Family/Episodic Homelessness Collect Data – Measure Outcomes

14 Stimulus Resources for Families in San Diego Region  $10.5 to $15M Homelessness Prevention  Workforce Investment Act  Neighborhood Stabilization  Community Development  Health & Human Services  $66.8M total and counting!!

15 Momentum on Ending Family Homelessness Brought elected leaders and major stakeholders together to look at issues Facilitated collaboration on use of homeless prevention stimulus funds ($10.5 - $15 M) Best practices nationally and locally call for a regional solution to prevent, reduce and end family/episodic homelessness

16 Benefit to Regional Planning  Increased access to services, schools, employment and housing across jurisdictions; less “shopping” for services by clients  Highest results with lowest cost; economies of scale in providing assistance  Streamline processes, enhance services, decrease duplication & cost/impact on institutions  Stable families generate income, sales tax revenues to support society

17 Regional Planning Saves $$$ Hennepin County, MN reduced family homelessness by 43% 2000 – 2004, decreased length of stay in shelters by 47%

18 San Diego Grantmakers Homelessness Working Group  Philanthropic organizations - connect, educate, and inspire  SDG - 33 years old  Focused on systemic change in San Diego  Homelessness Working Group has two goals:  Support Plan to End Chronic Homelessness  Ensure Creation of Regional Plan to Prevent and Reduce Family/episodic Homelessness

19 How are SDGrantmakers members helping?  Convening meetings with cities and county to facilitate coordination of HPRP funds  Providing information and TA on best practices.  Meeting with elected leaders and government officials.

20 Philanthropy as a Partner Philanthropy in San Diego small $$ compared to federal and local government resources Collaboration required between cities to solve problems regionally, and more preventive use of homeless funding

21 How can you help?  Advocate for more affordable housing as part of your housing plan  Join with SDGrantmakers through SANDAG to create regional plan  Support efforts to keep families in their homes

22 Our Families Need Our Help

23 Barbara Mandel Pache 858-481-4201

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