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January 16, 2014 Federal Highway Administration Arizona Rural Transportation Summit.

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1 January 16, 2014 Federal Highway Administration Arizona Rural Transportation Summit

2 Stability and solvency through FY14 MAP-21 enacted following 10 extensions of SAFETEA-LU Passed Congress with strong bipartisan votes Authorized program through FY14 Average annual funding at FY12 levels Extended Highway Trust Fund (HTF) taxes Made transfers to keep HTF solvent through FY14 2

3 Investment and reform under MAP-21 3 Strengthened America’s highway & public transit systems Created jobs and supported economic growth Supported DOT’s aggressive safety agenda Simplified and focused the Federal program Accelerated project delivery and promoted innovation Established a performance-based Federal program

4 $37.7 billion/year in formula funding 4 National Highway Performance Program ($21.8) Surface Transportation Program ($10.0) HSIP ($2.2) CMAQ ($2.2) TAP ($0.8) Metro Planning ($0.3) Note: Amounts in $ billions; program amounts do not add exactly to total due to rounding Railway-Highway Crossing ($0.2)

5 5 Major FHWA actions (complete and pending)

6 6 Accomplished to date Funding & most guidance out: rules next Up next  Final guidance on some topics  Rulemaking activity

7 7

8 8 Up next Infrastructure programs Accomplished to date  Guidance on apportioned programs (NHPP, STP….)  Guidance on allocated program (ER, Ferry Boat…)  Guidance on other infrastructure-related topics  Maps of enhanced NHS  SMPRM on National Tunnel Inspection Standards  Rule Making Activity Asset Management Bridge Inspection

9 9 Accomplished to date Up next Safety Programs  Substantial public outreach  Guidance on safety topics Highway Safety Improvement Program Strategic Highway Safety Plan High Risk Rural Roads State safety data systems Penalty transfer provisions Older road users Railway-highway crossings  NPRM on HSIP  Report to Congress on High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR)  Best Practices manual on HRRR

10 Accomplished to date Up next Air Quality and transportation alternatives  CMAQ Interim Guidance Proposed final Guidance (FR)  Transportation Alternatives Program guidance & webinars  Q&A on use of youth service & conservation corps  CMAQ Final Guidance  TAP Final Guidance  CMAQ project cost- effectiveness table

11 11 Accomplished to date Up next  Remaining Access Program decision committees  FY 14 selection & announcements Federal and Tribal lands  Outreach to Federal, tribal, State, and local partners  Guidance on Federal & Tribal Transportation Programs: Fed Land Trans Program Access Program (FLAP) Tribal Transportation Program  Establishment of most Access Program decision committees  Selection & Announcement of 2% TTP Safety tribal awards (FY 13)

12 12 Up next Research, development & tech programs Accomplished to date  SHRP2 implementation: Guidance on transfer of SPR funds Launch of SHRP2 website 1 st round of Implementation Assistance Program (IAP) & website launch 2 nd round of IAP Announcement of 3 rd round products  Launch of FHWA Research and Technology Website  SHRP 2 Implementation: Development of long- range plan for SHRP 2 Round 3 application opens 1/17

13 13

14 14 Up next Freight Provisions Accomplished to date  Process for development of National Freight Network  Guidance on freight topics: Interim - Increased Federal share for freight projects Interim - State freight advisory committees and plans Special permits during periods of national emergency  Truck size and weight study underway  Designation of Primary Freight Network  Guidance on designation of critical rural freight corridors  Report to Congress on State capacity to provide commercial truck parking

15 15 Up next Tolling and innovative finance Accomplished to date  Outreach on MAP-21’s TIFIA, tolling, and P3 provisions  TIFIA NOFA; responses to letters of interest  Report to Congress on TIFIA applications  Interim tolling guidance  FR notice for input into P3 model contracts  Interim guidance on major project financial plans  Revised TIFIA program guide  Additional tolling guidance  P3 model contracts provisions posted for review  Final guidance on major project financial plans

16 16 Up next Planning and performance management Accomplished to date  Regional workshops on performance-based planning and programming  Strategy, schedule, and outreach on performance management  General Q&As on performance mgmt.  NPRM on safety measures  NPRM on metro & statewide planning

17 17 Up next Project Delivery Accomplished to date  Interim guidance on accelerated environmental decision-making  Final rule on CEs in emergencies  Final rule on CE for projects with few Federal $ or in operational ROW (eff. 2/14)  Report to Congress on accelerated decision-making  Guidance on: Efficient environmental reviews and accelerated decision-making State assumption of CEs & NEPA  NPRMs on: Programmatic agreements; new CEs Advance acquisition of real property  Report to Congress on environmental review timeline

18 18 Up next Other Areas Accomplished to date  Shift to formula-based funding allocation for OJT-SS and DBE-SS  Monthly Civil Rights webinars  Other guidance: Value engineering, CM/GC Buy America Stewardship & Oversight  Revised guidance on OJT-SS and DBE-SS programs

19 Implementation is well underway! 19 MAP-21 summary, Q&As, fact sheets, Guidance available online Outreach and webinars continue More guidance and rulemaking activity to come, with related outreach Watch FHWA’s MAP-21 web site

20 20

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