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Global History Review. Map of Political Revolutions.

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1 Global History Review

2 Map of Political Revolutions

3 Timeline for the Age of Reason 1550 1575 1600 1625 1650 1675 1700 1725 1750 1775 1800

4 II. The Scientific Revolution The Scientific Revolution: A change in the way people looked for answers to life’s questions Age of Reason: A time of REASON, not faith

5 Scientific Method Process of experimentation and observation

6 Geocentric Theory Everything revolves around the Earth Supported by Catholic Church

7 Heliocentric Theory All planets revolve around the sun Proven with telescope Went against Church

8 Great Scientists of the Scientific Revolution NameWhat they didEffects on Society Copernicus Galileo Newton Descartes

9 III. The Enlightenment NameIdeas John Locke Montesquieu Rousseau Voltaire

10 Enlightened Despots

11 IV. Impact of the Enlightenment Common people became aware that they had RIGHTS! Enlightenment inspired POLITICAL REFORM & REVOLUTIONS!

12 Political Revolutions The 3 Political Revolutions we will study about: American French Latin American

13 V. American Revolution Cross it out!

14 VI. French Revolution When: 1780s and 1790s Where: France Goal: New gov’t to protect the ppl

15 Causes of the French Revolution Unfair social class system

16 How would you feel is you were paying taxes so the queen could act like this…

17 Causes of the French Revolution Economic problems  (starvation of poor!) Enlightenment ideas  (ppl realize they have rights!) American Revolution  (ppl see it is possible to change their gov’t)

18 Important Concepts of the French Rev BASTILLE French prison stormed by peasants Start of Revolution – Bastille Day! July 14 th

19 Estates-General Like Congress – makes laws

20 Declaration of the Rights of Man Like the Declaration of Independence Ended special privileges for 1 st and 2 nd estates

21 Radicals (Jacobins) Want huge change immediately – use violence Led by Robespierre

22 Reign of Terror Began with beheading of Louis XVI Tens of thousands killed without real trials



25 The Directory Moderate gov’t after Reign of Terror Weak and inefficient


27 Napoleon

28 VI. Revolutions in Latin America When: Early 1800s Where: Spanish colonies in America Goal: Freedom from Spanish control

29 Causes of Revolutions in Latin America Spanish control American and French revolutions showed you could overthrow European rule

30 Simon Bolivar Great revolutionary leader against the Spanish in Latin America Used NATIONALISM (feeling pride as a group)

31 Results of Revolutions in Latin America Spain gave up its colonies in Latin America New nations were created

32 Essential Questions 1. How did the Scientific Revolution help prepare the way for the Enlightenment? Showed Church was wrong, established Age of Reason and natural laws 2. How did Europeans try to apply the ideas of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment to society? Natural laws mean natural rights exist

33 Essential Questions 3. Why was the American Revolution an important turning point in global history? First time ppl used Enlightenment ideas to overthrow monarchy – inspired others 4. What changes in political thinking were brought about by the French Revolution? Old  monarchy – absolutism – divine right New ideas  democracy – people’s rights

34 5. Compare and contrast the short term and long term results of these political revolutions: RevolutionShort termLong term American French Latin American

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