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The Life Cycle Of The Frog

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1 The Life Cycle Of The Frog
By: Adriana Rajotte

2 Eggs Frog eggs are found in wet places.this floating clump of eggs is called a spawn and can be up to Several thousand. These big clumps of eggs are to big too be eaten.but the smaller ones can be eaten by creatures that live on and by the pond. The eggs become surrounded by jelly covering,witch also helps protect the egg. Sometimes females stay with the eggs to take care of them.

3 Embryo This single cell splits in two and in two again making four Cells and so on.Eventually there are many cells in the eggs.these eggs form an embryo.this is when it begins to form.Its food supply is the yolk which lasts 21 days.

4 Tadpole Soon after hatching the tadpole is still feeding on the yolk, watch is in its gut. The tadpole has poorly developed gills, mouth, and tail. This fragile Tadpole will stick to eating floating weeds and grasses. 7-10 days later the tadpole will start swimming around to eat algae. 4 weeks later the skin stats growing over the gills until they disappear. The Tad poles get teeny teeth witch grind food. There guts are coiled witch helps them digest nutrients from their food as possible. On the fourth week tadpoles are quit sociable some even travel with schools of fish.

5 Tadpole with legs After about 6 to 9 weeks, little tiny legs start to sprout. The head becomes more distinct and the body elongates. By now the diet may grow to include larger items like dead insects and even plants. The arms will begin to bulge where they will eventually pop out, elbow first. After about 9 weeks, the tadpole looks more like a teeny frog with a really long tail. It is now well on it's way to being almost full grown!

6 Underdeveloped Pollywog
The tad pole is nearly fully grown by week twelve. He only has a tail of a difference. After she leaves the water hey will only return again to lay more eggs

7 Pollywog After 11 weeks the tadpole grows to look more like a frog it stops using its tail and starts using its legs to swim. The Pollywog can soon go upon land. Some times the Pollywog sleeps in water with only its nose sticking out

8 Frog After weeks depending on water the frog has completely developed. If frogs live in cold places or higher altitudes this might take all winter. Soon the frogs will start the whole process again, finding new mates and creating new frogs

9 Conclusion The frog has a very interesting life cycle.
The frog life cycle has 7 different even stages if you count the three stages as one.

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