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Eugenics – “Racial Hygiene”

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1 Eugenics – “Racial Hygiene”

2 SCIENCE OF SALVATION (Weimar Eugenics 1919-1933)
2 million German men were killed in World War I The “unfit” (mentally and physically disabled) were being kept alive and were reproducing “Race mixing” causing “racial degeneration” Concerns about the passing on of undesirable traits through reproduction Nazi Eugenics Propaganda: “One alcoholic will have 894 descendants in 83 years—40 will live in poverty, 67 will be criminals, 7 murderers, 181 prostitutes, 142 beggars

3 Fear for the survival of the “superior Aryan race”
Further concerns about the cost of care for those mentally and/or physically disabled The government was “throwing away money to support those less valuable to society” Fear for the survival of the “superior Aryan race” “An entire healthy German family can live for one day for the same it costs to support a hereditarily ill person for the same amount of time”

4 Images/Propaganda “…because God cannot want the sick and ailing to reproduce.” “Life as a burden”

5 THE BIOLOGICAL STATE (Nazi Racial Hygiene 1933-1939)
The Nazi Party aimed to strengthen the “national body” by eliminating “threatening genes” from the population Jews were purged from universities, scientific research, hospitals, and public health care “Racial composition of Jews: The Jews are a mixture of alien Near Eastern, oriental, Hamite, and Negroid races”

6 “The experience! Racial pride fades”
The entire country’s population was measured for hereditary/genetic make up Marital Health Law banned unions between “hereditarily healthy” and persons deemed genetically unfit Law for Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring made forced sterilization of those deemed “unfit” legal

7 The Nazis began forced emigration of Jews in 1938
Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) Nazi organized and sanctioned attack on Jewish property

8 Images/Propaganda Examples of “acceptable” Aryan facial types

9 FINAL SOLUTIONS (Murderous Racial Hygiene 1939-1945)
Edith F. was a victim of the Nazi Euthanasia Program Nazis began euthanasia programs for the “undesirable” First victims were infants and children More than 5,000 boys and girls were killed Officials deceived the children’s families by providing falsified causes of death The Nazi Regime award the “Cross of German Motherhood” to Aryan women who had several children. Bronze 4-5, Silver 6-7, Gold 8 or more

10 Images/Propaganda Norbert P. was another child victim of the euthanasia program

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