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2 What did the early battles of the Civil War show?

3 The need for well trained soldiers

4 Which was a greater risk, combat or infection and disease?

5 Infection and disease were greater

6 How did slaves in the South contribute to the Union war effort?

7 They refused to work on the plantations

8 How did African Americans in the Union Army contribute to the war effort?

9 They fought in major battles by 1863

10 Were all of the slaves in the United States freed AFTER the Civil War?

11 YES

12 Why did the Civil War mark a major turning point in American History?

13 Americans began to think of the country as one nation rather than a confederation of states.

14 Which side won both the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville?

15 Both were a stunning Confederate victory

16 Who would have been most likely to disapprove of the Emancipation Proclamation?

17 Southern Planters

18 Why did Lincoln handle the slavery issue cautiously at the beginning of the Civil War?

19 Because he wanted the border states to remain with the Union

20 What plan did Grant have for ending the war?

21 Destroy anything that might be useful to the enemy (TOTAL WAR)

22 Who was the president of the confederacy during the Civil War?

23 Jefferson Davis

24 What river did the Union plan to take control of as a strategy for winning the Civil War?

25 Mississippi River

26 What was the North’s one official goal at the start of the Civil War?

27 Keep the Union together

28 What did both sides realize during the early days of the Civil War?

29 Their hopes for a short was was unrealistic

30 What was one effect of the Emancipation Proclamation?

31 It added the abolition of slavery in the South to the Union’s war goals

32 What economic problem did both the North and the South experience during the Civil War?

33 Inflation

34 How did the South deal with economic problems during the war?

35 Plantations grew food crops

36 The Confederate States of America was form in what year?

37 1861

38 What conflict arose in 1848 in western territories over the issue of slavery?

39 If slaves would be allowed in the lands added from the Mexican Cession

40 What is the historical significance of Fort Sumter, South Carolina?

41 Confederate forces fired the first shots of the Civil War there.

42 What was the effect of the Missouri Compromise?

43 It balanced the number of free and slaves states for almost 30 years

44 What was the first state to secede from the Union?

45 South Carolina

46 The 54th Massachusetts Regiment lost over half its number trying to take this fort:

47 Fort Wagner

48 A person who wanted to end slavery completely was called a:

49 Abolitionist

50 This novel described the evils of slavery and helped turn peoples attitudes against slavery:

51 Uncle Tom’s Cabin

52 What was significance of the battle of Vicksburg?

53 Gave the Union control of the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy in two.

54 This city was captured by the Union (Sherman) at Christmas time, 1864 (It was given to Lincoln as a Christmas Present)

55 Savannah, GA

56 Put these in correct order
Abe Lincoln elected Missouri Compromise Firing on Fort Sumter

57 Missouri Compromise Abe Lincoln elected Firing on Fort Sumter

58 Lincoln’s election brought a strong reaction in the:

59 South

60 Why did the Dred Scott decision shock many Americans?

61 It declared slaves were property in the same way that horses and sheep were property

62 Proslavery settlers who battled the antislavery forces in Kansas were known as…

63 Border Ruffians

64 This man assassinated Abe Lincoln in April, 1865

65 John Wilkes Booth

66 This general led a “March to Sea”

67 William Sherman

68 What led to the violence in Kansas in 1855?

69 The rivalry between proslavery and antislavery settlers

70 Henry Clay’s plan that allowed California to enter the Union as a free state and divided the rest of the Mexican Cession in the territories of New Mexico and Utah.

71 Compromise of 1850

72 What slaves were not covered under the terms of the Emancipation Proclamation?

73 Slaves in the border states that stayed with the Union.

74 How did southerners react to Abe Lincoln’s election?

75 Seven southern states seceded and formed the Confederate States of America

76 Who won the war?

77 The United States (Union)

78 General Lee surrendered at:

79 Appomattox Court House, VA

80 Single bloodiest battle of the Civil War

81 Antietam

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