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SHRP2/Mi-TIME TIM Training

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1 SHRP2/Mi-TIME TIM Training
Angie Kremer, P.E. Michigan Department of Transportation Traffic Incident Management Engineer

2 How are we doing?

3 How are we doing?

4 How are we doing? What is the percentage of responders wearing their high visibility vest? Overall 59% Law Enforcement 55% Fire 56% Transportation 70% Towing 78% Other 60%

5 How are we doing? Michigan now has a TIM Action Plan with a TIM Action Team meeting every other month of multi-disciplines. 7 SMART GOAL for TIM

6 Strategic Highway Research Program
Authorized by Congress to address some of the most pressing needs related to the nation’s highway system Research areas: Safety, Renewal, Reliability, Capacity Administered by Transportation Research Board (TRB): Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) America Association of State Highway and Trans Officials (AASHTO) FHWA is lead on implementation

7 SHRP2 : National Traffic Incident Management Responder Course
Objectives: Improved responder safety Improved reliability (reduced incident duration) Improved motorist safety (reduced secondary crashes) Approach: Researched core competencies All disciplines participated every step Development of multi-disciplinary training program for all responder stakeholders Cross-training in TIM core competencies

8 National TIM Responder Training Program Implementation Progress - As of February 28, 2014
6 940 51 1,555 358 62 1,661 118 44 304 26 152 35 592 9,111 122 988 37 688 38 23 3,066 24 561 740 588 659 602 1,184 1,889 934 2,021 23 1,433 13 347 1,896 Conducted TtT and/or TIM Training in Progress 32,891 Number of Responders Trained (Not Including TtT Session Participants) TtT Session Planned No TtT Scheduled To Date

9 Training Totals - As of February 28, 2014
Discipline Train-the-Trainer Responder Training Total Percentage Law Enforcement 949 12,175 13,124 36.7% Fire/Rescue 758 10,435 11,193 31.3% Towing and Recovery 199 1,892 2,091 5.8% EMS 97 1,135 1,232 3.4% DOT/Transportation 647 5,268 5,915 16.5% Other Disciplines 214 1,986 2,200 6.2% 2,864 32,891 35,755 100.0% Number of Sessions 71 1,262 --

10 SHRP2: Training Course Elements
Course Design: Can be taught in a 10 hour intensive course, 4 hour modified and a single lesson modules Some states have developed a modified 2 hour hours courses Table tops exercises Taught by two different disciplines Michigan Approvals: MCOLES Michigan Fire Fighter Training Council

11 Audience Law Enforcement officers Fire and Rescue personnel
Transportation Professionals Public works Emergency medical services Towing and recovery Hazmat responders Medical examiner Dispatcher/PSAPS Miscellaneous responders

12 Mi-TIME Michigan Traffic Incident Management Effort
Sub-Team formed from the TIM Action Team composed of Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Transportation Michigan will have three Train the Trainer sessions. Candidate will have to submit an Application/Commitment Form Sub-Team will review all Applications and approve Trainers.

13 Mi-TIME Application/Commitment Form will disturbed through List Serves and Associations First Trainer the Trainer Session will be in Lansing, May 28th and 29th The state will be broken into training regions (same as MDOT Regions) Currently building a website for Mi-TIME Using Lessons Learned and Best Practices from other states

14 What are we looking for in a trainer?
Has experience training Commitment to the program – At least 16 hours of instruction/12 month period with a 2 year commitment Management/supervisor concurrence Participation in meetings & updating records Some possible out of pocket cost if agency doesn't reimburse Trainer has to believe in the Open Roads Philosophy The Sub-Team is looking for a diverse group of trainers geographically and by disciplines.

15 SMART Goals for Michigan
Implement the SHRP 2 TIM Train the Trainer (TtT) program in Michigan and have 120 trainers trained by December 31, 2014. Implement the SHRP 2 TIM TtT program in Michigan and have 1,500 first responders trained by December 31, 2016.

16 Under Development E-Learning Course: An eTools version of the training will be developed to facilitate wide scale deployment of the training. Pilot second quarter of 2014 FHWA implement third quarter of 2014 Hosted by National Highway Institute (NHI)


18 Questions ? Angie Kremer, P.E. Michigan Department of Transportation
Traffic Incident Management Engineer Cell:

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