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Steps to Compliance: Bring Your Own Device PRESENTED BY.

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1 Steps to Compliance: Bring Your Own Device PRESENTED BY

2 Daniel B. Brown, Esq. Healthcare Attorney Taylor English Duma LLP Jason Karn Director Training and IT Total HIPAA Compliance Today’s Presenters

3 This program is educational and does not constitute, and may not be construed as, legal advice to, or creating an attorney-client relationship with, any person or entity. Housekeeping The materials referenced here are subject to change, so frequent review of the source material is suggested. 3

4 The Good  Good for productivity  Saves you money The Bad  You have limited control of the devices  Distracting for employee The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly  Employees can bring malware to work The Ugly

5 Acceptable Use  What apps are allowed or forbidden?  Are certain websites restricted during business hours?  Can employees access practice-owned resources? Email Contacts Documents Records 9 Employees shouldn’t share devices that can access the practice network with family members or friends.

6 Reimbursement 10 What will you reimburse? What won’t you reimburse?

7 Why Should I Have A Policy In Place? 11  Protects the Practice  Protects your Patients  Shows employees how important Privacy and Security are to you

8 How To Secure These Devices Smartphones Tablets All-in-Ones

9 What devices are allowed on your network?  First, create a detailed list of devices and the operating systems allowed.  Next, you should determine: Who will support connectivity issues? Who will configure devices for network access? How are you encrypting devices? 10

10 Password Changes 11  Establish a set schedule (e.g., every 90 days)  Clearly state this in your Policies and Procedures  How should you enforce this?

11 11  iPhone and iPad  Android Devices  Windows Devices  Linux Based Systems Virus Protection Required on Devices

12 11  Laptop PC’s  Android devices  Windows Phones  Apple Devices Tracking and Remotely Wiping Devices

13 11  What type of remote access is acceptable?  How should employees access secure info.?  VPN  Cloud File Sharing Remote Access

14 Portable Storage Devices 11  Do you allow these on your network? Flash Drives Removable Hard Drives CD’s and DVD’s

15 Special Thanks Taylor English Duma LLP is a full-service law firm built from the ground up to provide highest-quality legal services for optimal value. The firm was founded in 2005 and its attorneys work each day to provide timely, creative and cost-effective counsel to help clients solve problems and achieve goals. Taylor English represents all types of clients— from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups to individuals. 20

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