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Playing Tobacco Free: Making Your Park & Recreational Facilities Tobacco Free.

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1 Playing Tobacco Free: Making Your Park & Recreational Facilities Tobacco Free

2 What is Tobacco-Free Youth Recreation (TFYR)?  Statewide program of the Minnesota Youth Tobacco Prevention Initiative  Build partnerships between local recreational organizations and health professionals to work on tobacco prevention  Give assistance to groups in their effort to create tobacco-free environments to model and promote healthy lifestyles

3 Groups that Support Tobacco-Free Policies The National Alliance for Youth Sports and the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation state that parents must demand a tobacco, drug and alcohol-free environment. The National Youth Sports Coaches Association Code of Ethics states that each coach should provide a sports environment that is free of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Little League The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association prohibits the use of tobacco during sanctioned events and activities

4 A Local Park & Recreation Perspective “In order to influence youth towards a positive lifestyle, it takes a united front between all involved: family, school and community. Our goal is to unite all community groups to demonstrate to youngsters that tobacco use is not a part of a healthy lifestyle.” --Bob Bierscheid, St. Paul Parks & Recreation Department

5 Why are tobacco-free policies effective? Why are policies effective?  They reinforce to the community the message that tobacco use is unhealthy and unnecessary behavior.  They ensure that participants and spectators are not exposed to secondhand smoke.  They create an environment where leaders can model and promote positive, healthy lifestyle choices.

6 Tobacco Free Outdoor Recreation Facilities in Minnesota

7 Why are city tobacco-free policies for outdoor facilities important?  Tobacco-free environments protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.  A city policy creates consistency for youth recreation facilities in the community, since most school districts prohibit tobacco use at their outdoor facilities.  Policies for city-owned facilities support local groups (soccer clubs, etc.) who use city facilities and promote healthy lifestyles.  Discarded cigarette butts cause litter, require maintenance expenses, and can be ingested by toddlers.

8 What does a typical city tobacco-free policy look like?  Policies outline the specific outdoor recreational facilities that are covered (playgrounds, parks, beaches, etc.).  Policies prohibit spectators and participants from using tobacco.  Policies describe how facility users will be notified (user mailings, policy guidebooks, etc.).  Policies outline how enforcement will occur.

9 How are these policies enforced? Similar to other park policies, such as alcohol and litter policies, primary enforcement tool is signage. Other methods include policy manual, newsletter, and e-mail updates. Signed statements from teams, participants, coaches, and parents are other ways to notify facility users. Each department’s regulation requirements vary – but some departments ask violators to leave the facility for the remainder of the event.

10 TFYR Signage Qualifications To qualify for TFYR’s FREE metal signs, your tobacco-free policy must include: A list of all the facilities it covers A statement that all forms of tobacco use are prohibited An enforcement plan that includes user notification, signage, and occasional staff compliance checks

11 Available Resources Policy Development & Implementation Resources TFYR Model Policy Examples of various park & recreation policies Free outdoor signage Other Prevention Resources Tobacco prevention posters Team/Player Pledges Recreational Leader’s Guide

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