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Association of University Staff (AUS) Annual Conference 2003.

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1 Association of University Staff (AUS) Annual Conference 2003

2 Outline The reforms - why we are here today. Update on initiatives: –the planned Review of the Tertiary Education Workforce; –the Review of Quality; –the Collaborating for Efficiency project; –Performance-based Research Fund; –achieving excellence in tertiary teaching. Question and answer session to follow.

3 Tertiary Education Workforce Review Ensure the tertiary workforce is equipped to achieve the goals of the reforms. All major stakeholders to be engaged - especially at the design and development stage. Consensus approach from stakeholders as each phase progresses.

4 Tertiary Education Workforce Review Phase One of the Review: Industrial matters should not override wider matters of HR development. The review will not intrude into employment relationships. The review will not cut across institutional autonomy. A workshop approach is important.

5 Review of Quality The project will focus on: –How quality tertiary teaching and learning can be supported and developed. –Clarification of roles and responsibilities of individuals and organisations. The project will proceed in two stages: –a scoping exercise - late 2003; –a working group in early-mid 2004 to undertake the project. Consultation is a key part of the process and your involvement is critical to its success.

6 Collaborating for Efficiency (CFE) A government initiative designed to assist TEIs to make the transition to an environment based on increased collaboration and co-operation. The project has produced five reports: –Capital Assets Management; –Staffing; –Entrepreneurial Activities; –Library Services; and –Engagement with Maori. Staffing report highlights the need for improved HR data across the sector.

7 Performance Based Research Fund Acknowledge the efforts you have made in supporting the implementation of PBRF. Recognise that the PBRF is designed to encourage excellence in our research efforts. Changes will become evident to emerge as the money starts to flow next year.

8 Excellence in Teaching and Learning The tertiary teaching process is a strong contributor to quality learning outcomes. Initiatives supporting teaching excellence include: –the teaching excellence awards that recognise excellence in tertiary teachers and the contribution they make to our country; –the development of the performance element of the funding framework - designed to strengthen the focus on teaching excellence.

9 Developing the performance element The performance element will reward quality - in terms of education gains made by learners. A small technical working party is currently charged with recommending suitable performance indicators. For the project to succeed we need your buy-in and support.

10 Next steps for supporting excellence? Other jurisdictions present us with some interesting options. For example: –Should we establish a national institute for staff development? –Should we fund professional development for tertiary teachers? –Should be accredit new entrants to the tertiary teaching workforce? Your thoughts on these matters are invited.

11 Conclusion As university staffers, you have a significant opportunity to influence and impact on the tertiary reforms. Your support is needed to ensure we can build a tertiary system that allows us to move forward as nation. And now for your Questions...

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