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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition Engineering Accreditation and ABET EC2000 Part II OSU Outcomes Assessment for ABET EC200.

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1 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition Engineering Accreditation and ABET EC2000 Part II OSU Outcomes Assessment for ABET EC200

2 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition2 What are ABET & EC 2000 ? Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology EC2000 - Criteria for Evaluating Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs Web Source -

3 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition3 Primary organization responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and certifying the quality of engineering, engineering technology, and engineering related education in the U.S. Recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education Federation of 28+ professional technical societies representing over 1.8 million practicing engineering professionals What are ABET & EC 2000?

4 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition4 Vision ABET will provide world leadership to assure quality and stimulate innovation in engineering, technology and applied science education.

5 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition5 Mission ABET serves the public through the promotion and advancement of education in applied science, computing, engineering and technology.

6 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition6 Mission ABET will: Accredit educational programs Promote quality and innovation in education Consult and assist in the development and advancement of education worldwide in a financially self-sustaining manner Communicate with our constituencies and the public regarding activities and accomplishments Anticipate and prepare for the changing environment and the future needs of constituencies Manage the operations and resources to be effective and fiscally responsible

7 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition7 Accreditation Objectives Serve the public, industry, and the profession by stimulating the development of improved engineering education Encourage new and innovative approaches to engineering education Assure that graduates of an accredited program are adequately prepared to enter and continue the practice of engineering Identify programs that meet the ABET criteria for accreditation

8 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition8 ABET Today (1999 data) 1555 accredited engineering programs at 323 institutions 729 accredited engineering technology programs at 242 institutions 53 accredited related-engineering programs at 37 institutions Staff of 19 Home Page on the World Wide Web

9 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition9 Other Standing and Ad-hoc Committees Engineering Accreditation Commission Technology Accreditation Commission Computing Accreditation Commission Related Accreditation Commission Industrial Advisory Council International Activities Committees Executive Committee Board of Directors Participating Societies ABET Structure

10 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition10 What does ABET accredit? ABET accredits programs of study that lead to degrees in engineering ABET does not accredit departments, colleges, degrees, or institutions

11 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition11 ABET EC 2000 Input Accounting Focus on having the right courses Every six years get information ready for review Outcomes Assessment – EC 2000 Focus on graduates and program’s components Continuous assessment OldNew vs

12 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition12 Engineering Criteria 2000 Philosophy & Emphasis

13 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition13 Philosophy Institutions and Programs define mission and objectives to meet needs of constituencies – enable program differentiation Emphasis on outcomes – preparation for professional practice Curricular requirements limited to 3 years Programs demonstrate how criteria and educational objectives are being met

14 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition14 Emphasis Practice of continuous improvement Input of Constituencies Process focus Outcomes and Assessment linked to Objectives Knowledge required for entry to the engineering profession Student, Faculty, Facilities, Institutional Support and Financial Resource issues linked to Program Objectives

15 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition15 Evaluation & Assessment Cycles “A 2-loop Process” Establish Indicators for Outcomes to Lead to Achievement of Objectives Determine How Outcomes will be Assessed Determine How Outcomes will be Achieved Determine Outcomes Required to Achieve Objectives Determine educational objectives Assess Outcomes/ Evaluate Objectives Input from Constituencies Formal Instruction Student Activities

16 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition16 Educational Objectives – Criterion 2 Development Process to include inputs gained from Constituencies Advisory Groups Students All faculty Alumni Industry

17 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition17 Process Perspective for Evaluation and Improvement - The OSU Approach (PEOS) Program Educational Objectives System Assessment of Student Learning (POS) Program Outcomes System Program Outcomes Program Educational Objectives Long Term Short Term Input from Constituencies

18 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition18 Inputs Suggested Exit Survey of all Graduating Seniors Monitoring of Professional Exam Results Monitoring of Student Progress Monitoring of Student Co-op/Intern Performance and Placement

19 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition19 A series of surveys were developed to seek data on 1)The perceived importance of program outcomes and objectives and 2)How well each program is doing relative to these.

20 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition20 Survey Groups Focus on four groups Seniors Exiting seniors Recent alumni (2 nd and 6 th year) Managers/Supervisors (15 th year alumni)

21 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition21 Survey Elements Educational Outcomes – General – Focus on ABET EC 2000 Criterion 3 Program Outcomes Educational Experience – Quality of Instruction at The Ohio State University Program Specific Questions – Focus on ABET EC2000 Criterion 2 and Program Specific Objectives Additional Comments and Suggestions Background/Demographic Information

22 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition22 Educational Outcomes Questions Skills, Abilities, and Attributes ImportancePreparation A.An understanding of and ability to apply knowledge of: 1. Mathematics 2. Chemistry 3. Physics 4. Engineering sciences 5. Computer science

23 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition23 Educational Outcomes Summary

24 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition24 Six High Priority Areas Area(Ability/Prep – Importance) Communications– Team Work– Basic Sciences+ Business– Stay Current– Ethics –

25 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition25 Educational Experience Questions A.Quality of Instruction provided in your major: 1. Faculty 2. Teaching Assistants B.The quality of instruction provided by FACULTY outside your major: 1. Computer Science 2. Engineering Graphics 3. Engineering Mechanics

26 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition26 Educational Experience Results Exit Yr 0 Alumni Yr 2 Alumni Yr 6 Mean Quality of instruction provided in MAJOR : Faculty4. TAs3.683.553.573.60 Quality of Advising with respect to: Academic4.153.703.123.66 Overall Preparation: Be an engineer4.063.983.994.01

27 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition27 Common Comments by Graduates Communication skills (oral and written) are critical Add business courses & relate to engineering problems Practical experience/co-op very important ability to apply knowledge to real world OSU graduates are well prepared Ability to work on a multifunctional team is critical Have not observed a recent OSU graduate so comments based on own experience

28 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition28 Comments on the Survey Put survey on web Survey is a good start Make results into a magazine(s) article Make it more discipline specific Show that OSU acts upon the suggestions Add government service Ask what degrees are in most demand

29 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition29 Educational Experience Alumni 4. & 8. Curriculum 5. Faculty 6. Facilities 7. Support 1. Students Resource Perspective

30 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition30 Transcript Analysis Step 1 – Label Each Course MB – Math & Basic Science ETD – Engineering Topic with Design ET – Engineering Topics GE – General Education OE – Other Education Step 2 – Do a sum of each category

31 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition31 Evaluation Summary CategoryABET Req.Your Program Math and Basic Science 32 sem hr 48 qtr hr Engineering Topics 48 sem hr 72 qtr hr Gen Ed----------- Other----------- Capstone Design Yes

32 Gateway Engineering Education Coalition32 Conclusions Feedback is now a continuous process in Ohio State’s College of Engineering. The Outcomes Assessment Committee has been permanently established to work on the data gathering and program modification annually. The College would be pleased to share its forms and procedures with other Colleges of Engineering.

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