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Welcome to Shawnee #2 Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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1 Welcome to Shawnee #2 Wastewater Treatment Plant

2 Jeff Mathew, Superintendent

3 Wendell Hurley and Jeff Bassitt, Plant Staff

4 Wastewater Plant Overview

5 Process Overview SBR and Aerobic Digesters.

6 Raw Wastewater Influent Hydraulic influent sewage grinders.

7 Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Basin Provides mixing and settling for the treatment process.

8 Process Control Screen Computer program providing control strategies for the treatment process.

9 Process Control Lab Basic operational tests performed here to analyze the treatment plant process.

10 Aerobic Digesters Provides aeration to treat sewage sludge.

11 Gravity Thickener Belt The Gravity Thickener Belt thickens aerobically digested sludge from 2% to approximately 6% solids.

12 Sludge Processing Building

13 Sludge Storage Tank Provides processed sludge storage prior to land application.

14 Preparation for Land Application Sludge is removed from storage and transported to the field for application.

15 Land Application Sludge is applied to the field for fertilization.

16 Generator Building

17 Diesel Generator The Generator supplies emergency power to maintain treatment.

18 Blower Room

19 The Blowers for Aerobic Digestion provide oxygen for bacteria that stabilizes the solids. Blowers For Aerobic Digestion

20 Chlorine Building

21 Chlorine Distribution Provides chlorine gas for effluent disinfection. Provides chlorine gas for effluent disinfection..

22 De-Chlorination Building

23 De-Chlorination Removes chlorine prior to stream discharge.

24 Chlorine Contact Basin Provides detention time for chlorine to disinfect wastewater effluent.

25 Final Effluent to Ottawa River

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