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Real Gifts are life changing, inspirational gifts that will mean a better life for someone living in poverty.

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2 Real Gifts are life changing, inspirational gifts that will mean a better life for someone living in poverty.

3 SCIAF Real Gifts supply lots of essential items from school books to wheelchair repair kits or different animals like pigs, sheep and goats. They even supply water wells that will supply a WHOLE village with clean safe drinking water!

4 Chickens! Chickens will provide a family with a nutritious supply of eggs to keep hungry children happy and healthy. When the chickens breed, the family can sell the chicks to earn extra income to pay for the other essentials like school fees and medicines.

5 The families will be able to sell the chicks and earn extra money

6 The eggs from the chickens will mean a healthier diet for the children

7 The money can then be used to buy other items such as medicine and school books

8 “I benefit a lot from the chickens. I sell the eggs and my children eat some too. I used to struggle a lot to get the basic things. I am grateful to SCIAF and I hope to be able to pass on some chicks to my neighbours” Belaynesh Menku, Ethiopia

9 Passing on the chicks will mean lots of other families will be helped too.

10 Help plant an allotment In Colombia this gift provides seeds, tools and training to build a large vegetable garden at a school in the area. Hosting the garden at a school gives children the opportunity to learn to grow a wide variety of crops and everyone in the community can come and grow food there too.

11 Fact file: Colombia Capital city: Bogota Population: 46,927,125 Size: 1,142,000 km² Life expectancy: 74 years Religion: Christianity Currency: Colombian Peso

12 It will supply food for the entire community.

13 By providing seeds and tools the children will be able to grow their own dinners.

14 Voice for Women All over the world, women are not given the same opportunities as men in school and at work. Their voices are silenced. This gift provides education about gender equality for women in El Salvador and encourages them to stand up for themselves and their rights.

15 Fact file: El Salvador Capital city: San Salvador Population: 5,744,113 Size: 21,040 km² Life expectancy: 71 years Religion: Christianity Currency: US Dollar

16 Men and women are both worth the same. But in many countries across the world, women‘s views and their voices are silenced. Girls are not given the same opportunities, to go to school and get an education, as boys.

17 Sylvia Saul Flores is 17 years old and has been empowered by classes on gender equality. “Women should stand up for themselves and speak their minds openly and have their own opinions to share.”

18 Wheelchair repair kit Give the gift of mobility! Wheelchairs can drastically improve disabled people’s lives. But in many countries, repairs for wheelchairs are expensive and difficult to buy. SCIAF’s partners provide tools and materials so that people’s broken wheelchairs can be fixed quickly.

19 10-year-old Zabi is from South Sudan. He’s severely disabled but his fantastic hand controlled wheelchair gives him the freedom to get around.

20 A wheelchair can give disabled children the opportunity to go to school.

21 Every child should have the chance to go to school but many children never get an education. This gift of a classroom could provide young people with schooling and hope for a better future. Real Gift of a Classroom

22 In Burma/ Myanmar, many children live in refugee camps. The opportunity of an education provides hope for these children and their country.

23 Why not club together as a whole school to fundraise for the gift of a classroom.

24 Thank you Created by SCIAF, Photo Credits: Sean Sprague, Thomas Omondi, SCIAF

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