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Your “Do Now” 2/28 Get out the assignment from yesterday (Sickle Cell)

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1 Your “Do Now” 2/28 Get out the assignment from yesterday (Sickle Cell)
Work on the questions on Part C If done, review the steps in Part B (what we did) screenshot

2 Your “Do Now” 2/28 ½ sheet of paper (up front)
What do you call making mRNA from DNA? What do you call making a protein from mRNA? Genes code for _________ which determine our traits What do you call sets of 3 bases in mRNA? What are set of 3 bases in tRNA that match-up to these?

3 Agenda 2/28 Notes #4 Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering
Pros & Cons Article

4 Learning Target I can explain what genetic engineering is and its potential benefits and risks


6 CH 12 Notes #4 Genetic Engineering
Changing the genes (DNA) of an organism When an organism’s DNA is changed, it makes different proteins

7 Types of genetic engineering

8 Recombinant DNA Combining pieces of DNA from different organisms
Why do it? Put traits you want into an organism that doesn’t have them First used in the 1970’s with bacteria. Bg color

9 Making Recombinant DNA (not on notes)

10 How can recombinant DNA be used? Examples
Bacteria making human insulin Curing/treating genetic diseases Bacteria that “eat” oil spills

11 More examples-- 4. Plants that make pesticides
5. Better foods (more “yield”) 70-75% of food in supermarket is genetically modified.

12 What do you think about eating genetically modified foods
What do you think about eating genetically modified foods? (Putting DNA from one food into another)

13 What do you call an organism that has genes from another organism in it?

14 Transgenic organisms: any organism with another organism’s DNA in it
Examples Mice – used to study human immune system Chickens – more resistant to infections Goats, sheep and pigs – produce human proteins in their milk Tomatoes —longer lasting Corn –making insecticides

15 Transgenic Goat (not on notes)
. This goat contains a human gene that codes for a blood clotting agent. The blood clotting agent can be harvested in the goat’s milk. Human DNA in a Goat Cell

16 How to Create a Transgenic Animal
Add the desired DNA to an egg cell

17 Cloning Making an exact copy of an organism using its DNA

18 Creating Dolly (not on notes—follow along)

19 Stage 1 Cell collected from a sheep’s udder.

20 Stage 2 Nucleus is removed from unfertilized egg of second sheep.

21 Stage 3 Udder cell is inserted into egg with no nucleus.

22 Insertion is successful.
Stage 4 Insertion is successful.

23 Stage 5 Electrical charge is supplied.

24 Stage 6 Cells begin to divide.

25 Stages 7 & 8

26 Your “Do Now” 2/28 Get out Notes #4 and be ready to answer these questions: What is genetic engineering? What are 2 ways genetic engineering is used? What are transgenic organisms? What is cloning?

27 Agenda 2/28 Finish Notes #4 Genetic Engineering Online Exploration
I will put you in pairs today Share-out with the class

28 Summarizing Cloning Steps
Get a sample of an organism’s DNA Insert it into an egg cell Put the egg in another female

29 We’ve cloned sheep and other animals
Can we clone a human?

30 House Bill 2505 Human Cloning Prohibition Act
Prohibition on human cloning Criminal Penalty: Up to 10 years imprisonment Civil penalty: Minimum 1 million dollar fine

31 We cannot clone humans yet…
BUT what have we done with human DNA?

32 The Human Genome “Map” of human genes (from DNA)
Took 13 years to map all 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA

33 Gene Therapy Correcting a genetic disorder by replacing bad DNA with correct gene

34 Solving Crimes Getting a lot of evidence from a little bit of DNA ( PCR)
PCR allows scientists to make many copies of a piece of DNA. Heat the DNA so it “unzips”. 2. Add the complementary nitrogenous bases. 3. Allow DNA to cool so the complementary strands can “zip” together.

35 Gel Electrophoresis This technology allows scientists to identify someone’s DNA! Can be used to solve crimes OR prove paternity

36 Proving paternity Baby Man 1 Man 2 Mom Compare the bands from the baby with bands from Mom and Dad

37 Genetic Engineering Controversies

38 Possible dangers of genetic engineering in crops
Many varieties of corn are clones of the same plant If a bacteria or virus infects one plant, it could kill many!

39 Ethical issues with human genetic engineering
Should we be allowed to choose our baby’s traits? Should we be allowed to clone a person?

40 Genetic Engineering Reading
Exploring the pros and cons HIGHLIGHT or UNDERLINE any pros or cons ADD to notes page

41 BACK OF ARTICLE Quick write
You are 18 and going to vote for a candidate. One wants to allow all kinds of GE to be allowed and one is against and GE. Which one would you vote for and why? (back up your claim with examples)

42 GE Online Activity I will put you in partners
Follow directions on the sheet Pay attention to the times on the sheet! Call us over if you need help

43 GE Online Activity Share-out
How can genetic engineering be used in food, medicine, and other areas of life? What makes it controversial?

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