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1 50 YEARS OF CODEX… a journey well travelled S Dave Chairperson Codex Alimentarius Commission.

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1 1 50 YEARS OF CODEX… a journey well travelled S Dave Chairperson Codex Alimentarius Commission

2 2 What is Codex ? “ the three sisters ” under SPS Agreement: OIE -Animal Health IPPC -Plant Health Codex -Human Health -

3 3 What is Codex ? Inter-governmental body of the United Nations 185 member countries and 1 member organization (European Union) Function – adopt science-based standards Mandate – safety of health of consumers; fair practices in food trade Process – inclusive, transparent, consensus-based : Codex Procedural Manual

4 4 Relevance of Codex to members Based on scientific principles and risk analysis Consensus-based approach – truly global Covers a wide range – products, codes of practice, methods, MRLs, audits, ethics, equivalence, etc. Easy to harmonize national legislations Provides flexibility in adaptation Exchange of information is standardized Saves time and facilitates trade Helps settle differences Reference standard in SPS Agreement

5 5 Major achievements… 30 countries to 185 countries + 1 (EU) 16 international organisations to 220 observers Budget: $ 55,000 to $ 8.3 million Milk to several Codex Committees (vertical & horizontal) Procedural Manual and strong Codex Secretariat / FAO / WHO Teams Collaborative, Inclusive and Transparent approach Risk Analysis principles Concern for Other Legitimate Factors Codex texts became a reference in WTO (proof of the pudding) (Biotech Products, Hormones, Sardines, COOL) Capacity Building – CTF, Co-hosting, e-working Contribution of developing countries – makes Codex a truly global body Contd…

6 6 Major achievements… Mycotoxins, Melamine, Dioxins, Heavy Metals (CCCF) General Standards for Contaminants & Toxins (CCCF) MRLs for Pesticides and Vet. Drugs (CCPR, CCRVDF) General Standards for Food Additives (CCFA) Codes of Practice and Control of Viruses in food (CCFH) National Food Control System (CCFICS) Foreign on-site Audits & Assessments (CCFICS) Judgment of Equivalence (CCFICS) Principles of Risk Analysis (CCGP) GM and Nutrition Labeling (CCFL) Several Nutrition (CCNFSDU) and MAS texts (CCMAS) Several commodity standards etc. etc...

7 7 Priorities before Codex… Improving food security through food safety Improving nutritional security (new Strategic Plan) Funding for scientific advice Addressing emerging / unknown risks Data generation for risk assessment (developing countries) More active participation of developing countries Consensus building (controversial cases are rare) Strengthening Codex / food control at national level Enhancing awareness about Codex amongst consumers Enabling developing countries enhance trade

8 At National Level  Identify the capacity building needs  Harmonize standards with Codex and become strong  Introduce guidance texts for small business / farmers (e.g., GAP, GMP, GHP, conformity assessment)  Strengthen laboratory network  Engage in equivalence negotiations  Introduce formal food safety education  Play an active role in Codex  Contribute to funding for scientific advice Action Points Suggestions for consideration 8 Contd…

9 At Codex / Bilateral Level  Review of Codex Procedures, as necessary, for –  providing value - addition to the critical review process  ensuring standards development through consensus o develop guidance on ‘process’ of facilitation o develop guidance for Chairs on when and how to make a ruling o any other process to encourage standards development by consensus  Bilaterally help developing countries build capacity for –  data generation for Codex standards development  strengthening food control systems  development of laboratory infrastructure  their equivalence determination efforts Action Points Suggestions for consideration 9

10 10 50 years from Harvey to Dave

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