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1 Oregon Vital Events Registration System Electronic Death Registration System Information and Demonstration.

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1 1 Oregon Vital Events Registration System Electronic Death Registration System Information and Demonstration

2 2 What is an Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)? Paperless death certificates Web based technology Biometric (fingerprint) authentication Disposition permit printing at funeral home Printing certified copies at the county office Electronic amendments and corrections

3 3 Overall benefits of an EDRS Improved timeliness Higher quality More efficient communication – participants interact electronically Increased security

4 4 Who benefits? Families Funeral directors Medical professionals and medical examiners Local and state registrars Federal, state, and local agencies Public health researchers

5 5 Specific benefits of EDRS… Faster service to families Electronic referrals between funeral directors and medical certifiers “Drop to paper” feature if the funeral director or medical certifier is not utilizing EDRS Electronic SSN verification forthcoming Medical certifiers are able to initiate the death certificate without waiting for the funeral home

6 6 More specific benefits of EDRS… Conformance with a 2002 American Medical Association Resolution calling for more uniform cause of death reporting Automatic error checking  Reduces internal inconsistencies  Reduces missing values Electronic corrections and amendments Amended/corrected records immediately available at the county – no fax, no fuss

7 7 What does the Oregon EDRS look like? The Oregon EDRS software is called DAVE, which stands for Database Application for Vital Events.

8 8 Login to DAVE

9 9 Funeral Director Start/Edit Case

10 10 Decedent Information

11 11 Resident Address

12 12 Family Members

13 13 Informant Information

14 14 Disposition

15 15 Decedent Attributes

16 16 Funeral Director can complete Place of Death

17 17 Affirmation & Sign with Fingerprint

18 18 Refer to Medical Certifier

19 19 Disposition Approval

20 20 Funeral Director Print Forms Working copy, for your records Drop-to-paper, if medical certifier is not part of the EDRS system Disposition permit

21 21 Medical Certifier Begins Case The medical certifier receives a system- generated email when the funeral director requests medical certification. They login to DAVE and select the case from the internal message requesting medical certification. Medical certifiers can also start a case, which the funeral director can later locate and then complete the personal information.

22 22 Medical Certifier Work Queues & Messages

23 23 Date/Time of Death

24 24 Place of Death

25 25 Cause of Death

26 26 Other Factors

27 27 Injury

28 28 Certifier Information

29 29 Affirm and Certify with Fingerprint

30 30 Medical Certifier Print Forms Working copy, for your records Drop-to-paper, if the funeral director is not part of the EDRS system

31 31 Immediately Registered The case is immediately and automatically registered unless there is information that requires review by the Registrar. Cases requiring review include rare or reportable causes of death, possible duplicate record, etc. Our goal is to review cases within 24 hours of receipt. The funeral director will be automatically notified when a case is registered.

32 32 Amend Records Amendments to the death certificate can be submitted by funeral directors or medical certifiers within DAVE. Our goal is to process amendments with 24 hours after receipt. After submitting the amendment, replacement certificates can be immediately ordered and they will be issued as soon as the amendment is processed and the original certificates have been returned.

33 33 Amend Record in DAVE

34 34 Type of Amendment

35 35 Amendment Detail

36 36 Amendment Affirmation

37 37 Registrar Ordering Process State and County registrars can process certificate orders within DAVE for fully electronic records or paper records that have been processed by the State. County registrars may also continue to issue copies from paper certificates. Orders may be received from funeral directors directly through DAVE or manually.

38 38 Applicant Information

39 39 Search for Decedent

40 40 Match Decedent to Order

41 41 Request Certified Copies: Called Services in DAVE

42 42 Services Summary

43 43 Payment Information

44 44 Order Summary

45 45 Issue Copies

46 46 Death Certificate Prints as a PDF

47 47 Next steps… January-August 2006Testing of Customized System Early August 2006Pilot Site Refresher Training August-Sept. 2006Pilot of System Mid-September 2006Statewide Rollout Begins January 2007Electronic Birth Registration System (EBRS) begins August 2007EDRS Statewide Rollout complete

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