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What can I do for you? Dalim Basu FBCS Chairman, BCS North London Branch.

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1 What can I do for you? Dalim Basu FBCS Chairman, BCS North London Branch

2 Interviewing.. First impressions count.. 1 2 3 Don’t be late, be polite, follow interviewer lead & tone Talking bodies.. body language Sit upright in your chair, look alert & interested Be a good listener & also a good talker Demonstrate your interpersonal skills Market your assets.. but don’t over-sell yourself.. Clearly & concisely describe past achievements & how they apply to this job Act as if you really want this job, do not close doors

3 Q & A 1.Why did you choose this career? 2.Which past job did you enjoy most? 3.What are your strengths? 4.What are your weaknesses? 5.What role are you seeking? 6.Why are you interested in this organisation? 7.What interests you about our products/services? 8.What do you think about teamwork? 9.What management style gets the best from you? 10.Where do you see your career in 5 years’ time?

4 Grilled & Fried Are you competent?.. competency-based questions 1.Have you had to work to an important deadline? What did you do to meet the deadline? 2.Describe when you missed a deadline Why did it happen? Whose responsibility was it? 3.Have you had to support others in a team? Why did they need support? What did you do? Result? 4.Describe difficulties you’ve had working with a team What problems? Your response? What was the outcome? 5.Give an example of when you anticipated a problem How did you know what was coming? Action? How effective?

5 What can I do for you? S – Situation – initial scene in the organisation P – Problem / issue A – Action – what you did to address the problem R – Result K – Key Benefits for organisation due to your actions

6 Close down.. or melt down Your turn.. questions for the interviewer 1.Why has the position become available? 2.How does it fit in the organisation structure? 3.What training for continued personal & career development? 4.What plans for future development of the organisation? 5.What motivated you to join the organisation? What’s next? Don’t look discouraged Learn from the experience – and take notes Thanks! [With thanks to Robert Walters Interview Guide]

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