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Host of the 13 th ECRF Annual Conference - Budapest 2010.

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2 Host of the 13 th ECRF Annual Conference - Budapest 2010

3 History of the Registry Courts

4 Historical premises:  1307-1840 guilds – guild organisation, the configuration of the guild registers  1840 - 1875 initiation of the company register  1875: act 37. I. Commercial Act  1875 - 1950 Companies' Registry Courts' continuous operation  1988 act 6. emergent companies by Companies' Registry Court registration  1997: act 144. about the economic companies

5 Company Forms in Hungary: Business organizations could be found in forms regulated by the law. The main business organization forms are:  General partnership,  Limited partnership,  Limited liability company,  Joint stock company,  Joint venture company. The company comes into existence by the registration in the Companies' Register, on the day of the registration. The registration in the Companies' Register comes to pass by request. Legal representation is compulsory in the method.

6 The system of the Companies' Registry Courts 19 county and the Budapest Metropolitan Court as Registry Court


8 Main reforms 2006-2008

9  New legal environment  The Registry Court enrolls and registers the companies electronically.  Registration requests are accepted only in electronic forms received by the Registry Courts  Main aim is to decrease the bureaucracy  Simplified company registration method - within 1 hour from the onset of the registration request  All files of Registry Court procedures are electronically registered and stored  Online company information access electronically  Disclosure of reports, lodgement electronically

10 1991 - Company Register back-office Trusted data management 1995 - Company Register WEB content management 1998 - Automated data communication – „One-stop Shop” 2002 - Certificate Authority E-Szigno (2002 - …) E-Document fileing (2005 - …) 2008 - Full Company e-Registration Area of activities, implemented systems

11 Authentic Company Datamanagement: OCCR Electronic Bank account number registration National Company Register (NCR) Cg. Cpk. Fpk. Cpk. Fpk. Cpk. Fpk. Mg.Ck. Certificate-Authority Online Company Information (OCI) 1996 Online Company information 2001 e-registration Electronic Company Registration 2008 Full e-registration 2007 All company forms

12 1995 May WEB content management 750 000 companies’ registered data at district courts according to the company’s headquater address 1995 May Electronic Company Journal 2.948.769 public bulletins of the courts 1995 May Electronic store of balance sheets 4.603.596 published balance sheets stored ‘Online’ user registration, billing 2008 Free of charge on-line company information through the web Information security system complies with ISO 27001:2005 standard Online Company Register (OCR) WEB content management: Online Company Information (OCI)

13 Automated data communication: Mediator Te xt Tax Authority Statistical Authority Company Bulletin Company courts Customs Balance sheet store Authority of pensions Employment Authority Banks

14  Customers: notars, solicitors, legal executors, municipalities, banks, government institutions, ministries  Number of Certificates in Dec. of 2007: 3490  Number of Certificates in Dec. of 2008: 11415  Number of timestamps 2008: 28.000.000 Qualified Certificate-Authentication Digital Signature – E-Szigno

15  Supports full XAdES standard signatures (XAdES-BES,-C,-T,-X-L,-A)  Supports Hungarian Public Administration requirements  Certificate chain built to trusted Certificate Authority  Supports revocation verification based on CRL or OCSP (http, https or ldap protocol)  Timestamp creation and verification  Supports signature policy  Supports electronic receipt and countersigning  Supports PDF format signatures, verification and timestamps  Supports user defined e-dossier schemes  Signature of large files (over gigabyte size)  Supports meta data on signed dossiers and documents E-Szigno application used for digital signature management

16  2001. XXXV. Act on Electronic Signatures  CEN CWA 14167 Security Requirements for Trustworthy Systems Managing Certificates for Electronic Signatures.  ETSI TS 101 903 v1.2.2 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES).  RFC 3161 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP).  CEN CWA 14171 General guidelines for electronic signature verification.  RFC 3275 XML-Signature Syntax and Processing.  ETSI TS 101 862 Qualified Certificate Profile  Regular international ETSI Plug tests - interoperability tests Complies Recommendations and Standards

17 Welcome to Budapest! 14-15 -th of June, 2010

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