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Vocabulary and Properties. Determine the word or phrase described in each slide.

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1 Vocabulary and Properties

2 Determine the word or phrase described in each slide

3 The distance of a number from zero on a number line is called its

4 Absolute value

5 A mathematical phrase that can include numbers, variables, and operation symbols is known as an

6 Algebraic expression

7 The opposite of a number is known as its

8 Additive inverse

9 A power consists of two parts, a

10 A base and an exponent

11 A mathematical phrase involving numbers and operation symbols, but no variables is known as a

12 Numerical expression

13 The expression under a square root symbol is called the

14 radicand

15 Together, the radical symbol and the radicand are referred to as a

16 radical

17 A collection of objects is known as a

18 set

19 The set of numbers {1, 2, 3, 4, 5,... } is known as the set of

20 Natural (or counting) numbers

21 The set of numbers {0, 1, 2, 3,...} is known as the set of

22 Whole numbers

23 The set of numbers {..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2,...} is known as the set of

24 integers

25 The numerical factor of a term is called a

26 coefficient

27 A term that has no variables is a

28 constant

29 Two number lines that intersect at right angles form a

30 Coordinate plane

31 The numbers in an ordered pair are called

32 coordinates

33 Any example that proves a statement false is a

34 counterexample

35 Reasoning logically from given facts to a conclusion is known as

36 Deductive reasoning

37 A mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign is an

38 equation

39 Two algebraic expressions that have the same value for all values of the variable(s) are called

40 Equivalent expressions

41 Any value of the variable that makes an equation true is called

42 A solution of the equation

43 A solution of an equation containing two variables x and y is

44 An ordered pair of numbers

45 The process of reaching a conclusion based on an observed pattern is called

46 Inductive reasoning

47 Substituting a given number for each variable in an algebraic expression is called

48 Evaluating the expression

49 A mathematical sentence that compares values of two expressions using symbols such as is called an

50 inequality

51 Terms that have exactly the same variable factors are called

52 Like (or similar) terms

53 Another name for the multiplicative inverse of a number is

54 reciprocal

55 An equation that contains one or more variables is an

56 Open sentence

57 Numbers the same distance from zero on a number line are called

58 opposites

59 The x and y axes divide the coordinate plane into four sections called

60 quadrants

61 Any number that may be written as a fraction is called a

62 Rational number

63 The set of rational numbers and irrational numbers make up the set of

64 Real numbers

65 Replacing a numerical expression with its simplest name is called

66 Simplifying the expression

67 In an algebraic expression, a number, variable, or the product of a number and one or more variables is called a

68 term

69 A symbol used to represent one or more numbers is called a

70 variable

71 Identify the following properties of real numbers

72 a + b = b + a

73 The Commutative Property of Addition

74 (a + b) + c = a + (b + c)

75 The Associative Property of Addition

76 a + 0 = a

77 The Identity Property of Addition

78 a + (-a) = 0

79 The Inverse Property of Addition

80 a x b = b x a

81 The Commutative Property of Multiplication

82 (a b) c = a (b c)

83 The Associative Property of Multiplication

84 a x 1 = a

85 The Identity Property of Multiplication

86 a(1/a) = 1

87 The Inverse Property of Multiplication

88 a(b + c) = ab + ac

89 The Distributive Property

90 a x 0 = 0

91 The Zero Property of Multiplication

92 -1 x a = -a

93 The Multiplication Property of -1

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