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Diary Klaudia Żak ENGLAND 13/05/2011 - 23/05/2011.

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1 Diary Klaudia Żak ENGLAND 13/05/2011 - 23/05/2011

2 Friday 05/13/2011 Today for the first time I flew by an airplane. It was very exciting, an incredible feeling. My family from the exchange is very nice for me and helps me with the accomodation in a new place. I unpacked luggage. For dinner I ate chicken, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, peas, and drank the juice. Later, the family took me to the museum. I met my friend there. After coming back home we watched movies and I went to sleep.


4 Saturday 05/14/2011 Today was a one-day trip to Bath. Bath was very interesting and nice city. The best was doing some shopping. After returning to the family I ate pizza, pasta and juice. After the dinner I watched with the family the movie until late hours. I could not decide which one to choose as they have a lot of them.


6 Sunday 05/15/2011 Today was a day with families, so we slept until late. For breakfast I ate flakes with milk. About 12.00 we went to the beach. Although the weather was not the best we still had fun. I saw the ocean, and even immersed feet in it. It was very big; strong wind was blowing, but the water was very warm. Because there was a lot of my friends we played the mini volleyball and rugby. We walked over the rocks and went home. At night we went bowling and had a great time.


8 Monday 05/16/2011 Today we visited the Lynton / Lynmouth. The trip was tiring, but they were nice views. Especially views of the ocean. When we had a break we ate sweet bread with butter and jam, I did not like it. In the afternoon we met up with friends in the park. We had great time.


10 Tuesday 17/05/2011 Today I had a great time during dance and sport classes. I learned new steps and got to know how to play rounders. We have also played handball. Later we visited Barnstaple and had time for shopping. We went back to school for Eurodinner. We tried different English specialties.


12 Wednesday 05/18/2011 Today we visited Clovelly / Tintagel, but sadly weather was not good and it was raining. In free time I went with my friends for pizza, it was not that bad. I also had pizza when I got back home – it was aslo good. When we left the shop with the Olivia I met my friends and went to the park. We came back home to Agnes and her partner. We spent time on doing funny things.


14 Thursday 05/19/2011 Today we were together with our partners at the ceremony in Devon. There was not only an exhibitions of animals, but also an amusement park. We spent most of the time there. After coming back we had lunch (chips, fried egg, baked beans, sausages). After dinner we went to the park where I met up with friends.


16 Friday 05/20/2011 Today we visited Exeter, and I liked it there. There was a lot of shops, so we had time to shop. After the back I met Karolina in the park. We spent time talking. When we returned home we watched a movie and went to sleep.


18 Saturday 21/05/2011 Today was the day with families, so we went with friends to go shopping. We did shopping and ate something at KFC. Olivia invited us to the house of my friend with Marta and her partner. Together our four have spent a nice and funny time. We watched movie, ate dinner, and jumped on a trampoline. As Marta and Roksana went home I packed my stuff. I got a gift from the family, which I liked.

19 Sunday 22/05/2011 Early this morning we had to get up, because we were coming back to Poland. I said goodbye to family and we went on a journey. I'll remember the time spent in England.

20 Thank you for watching.

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