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2014 Annual Report Presenter Name December 31, 2013.

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1 2014 Annual Report Presenter Name December 31, 2013

2 HOPE Overview Our mission is to transform offenders through the HOPE Community Reintegration Models using peer driven education within an evidence-based framework in order for them to re- enter society as productive and contributing members of their communities Our vision is to be the model literacy and life skills program for all prisons and jails.

3 Friends of HOPE 2013…Many challenges – Wonderful opportunities – Added more Volunteer Classes – Dallas County Jail – Permission to teach classes in the pod & MPR – Approval to open 64-member male pod Slight delay in opening male pod, in process now Approval to open two Bridgeport prison sites.

4 Texas HOPE Literacy Income & Expenses- Fiscal Year End December 31, 2013 Total Revenue & Support $113,288 Total Program Expense 50,850 Management & General Expenses 15,563 Total Expenses 81,151 Total Assets 68,301 Total Liabilities 521 Net Asset Balance 67,780

5 Issues and Resolutions Bridgeportopening Rescheduled for 1 st quarter 2014 Positive impact on project opening – Timing right for the units, their staff & HOPE – No negative cost factor – Building positive relationships

6 Dallas County Expansion Male pod opening – April 2014 George Allen Jail opening – April 2014 Classes are underway at both

7 Timeline

8 April 8, 2014 Grand Opening May 2014 Accepting HOPE Clients August-September 2014 Projected Class Starts Reentry & Community Resource Office Timeline January 2014 Opening Create Data Base, Build collaborations

9 Looking Ahead 2015-2016 Expansion to new site(s) Expected deliverables: Install Models, literacy/life skills modules Known risks and issues – Site selection – Needs assessments – Funding Technology Volunteer availability

10 Dependencies and Resources Project “Techno” “Techno” Vendors Certification Programs Fundraising/Gra nts Volunteer Availability Region Staff Regional Team


12 Appendix Budget Design documents Marketing plan Supplemental documents Contact information

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