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Larimer 101 April 23, 2015 Gary A. Darling, Division Director.

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1 Larimer 101 April 23, 2015 Gary A. Darling, Division Director

2 Criminal Justice Services Vision Statement We provide cost-effective alternative correctional programs for Larimer County in partnership with the community to ensure public/staff safety, create opportunities for offenders to become pro-social members of our community and reduce future criminal behavior. 2

3 Criminal Justice Services Division Three Departments  Criminal Justice Planning/Divisional Administration  Larimer County Community Corrections Department  Alternative Sentencing Department/Pretrial Employees  3 Criminal Justice Planning/Administration  88 Larimer County Community Corrections  65 Alternative Sentencing/Pretrial Budget  Criminal Justice Planning/Administration $718,671  Larimer County Community Corrections $10,186,016  Alternative Sentencing Department/Pretrial $5,340,882 3


5 Criminal Justice Advisory Committee  Chiefs of police for Loveland and Fort Collins  Sheriff  County Manager  District Attorney  Chief District Court Judge  One Public Defender  Director of Community Corrections  Chief Probation Officer  Community Parole Manager  Jail Administrator  Director of Criminal Justice Services 5

6 Jail Projections Need to expand Alternative Sentencing by 2002 If Alternative Sentencing is expanded the jail will be sufficient until 2007 If changes are made to the system the jail may be adequate for a longer period of time Cost to increase the size of the jail estimated to be 60 million dollars Additional yearly jail operational costs estimated at 7.5 million dollars with a jail expansion of 250 beds

7 Projected ADP Larimer Projections Based on Adult Populations 7

8 Why the Jail Was Not Expanded Collaboration of CJAC Expanded the use of Alternatives by the Courts Court Notifications System Created DUI and Drug Court Added Pretrial Services Expanded Law Enforcement Agreements as to who went to jail Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental Health Needs (AIIM) Mental Health Intervention Pretrial Services (MHIPS)

9 Jail Was Not Expanded in 2007 Day Reporting Center Sheriff’s Early Release Program Court Dates Set on First Appearance in Court Standardization of Summons Touchstone added Community Dual Diagnosis Treatment with Housing Touchstone and the Jail working together Expansion of Alternative Sentencing Building Programming facilities

10 Results Jail still has not been expanded and looks to be 8 years before a large expansion is needed 48 beds were added in the old Alternative Sentencing building Large percentage of incarcerated offenders in alternative programs Cost of housing 164 people in jail a year is $5,249,123 Cost to the taxpayer for holding 164 people a year in Alternative Sentencing is $1,496,500 No 60 million dollar jail expansion yet already 8years past the estimate

11 Jail Incarceration Rates 2013 Per 100,000

12 Larimer County Jail Average Daily Population by Year 2005-2014 Average Count

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