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AVID 8 th Parent/Student Information Night Troy High School May 19, 2014.

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1 AVID 8 th Parent/Student Information Night Troy High School May 19, 2014

2 AVID Team  Tiffany Robinson, AVID Coordinator & Elective Teacher  Sarah Saleen, AVID Counselor  Jill Romero, AVID Elective Teacher  Ana Link, AVID Site Team  Christina Owens, AVID Site Team  Mike Thomas, AVID Site Team  Sandra Menna, AVID Site Team

3  A dvancement  V ia  I ndividual  D etermination [L. avidus]: eager for knowledge

4 What AVID Is Not  A Remedial Class  For “At Risk” Students  A “Homework/Study Hall” Class  One-to-One Tutoring

5 AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

6 The AVID Mission TTo ensure that ALL students: –w–will succeed in rigorous curriculum, –w–will complete a rigorous college preparatory path, –w–will enter mainstream activities of the school, –w–will increase their enrollment in four- year colleges, and –w–will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.

7 What is AVID? AAVID is an academic, elective class TThe three main components of the program are: AAcademic Instruction –C–Critical Reading & Writing – Inquiry Method –F–Focused Note Taking CCollaborative Study Groups MMotivational/Leadership Activities

8 AVID Strategies for Success RReinforces study and organizational skills SStrengthens critical reading, writing, collaboration, presentation skills CCollaborative study groups facilitated by college tutors TTeaches students to work collaboratively to be successful in the most rigorous courses

9  Takes students to visit colleges and universities  Assists students with the application process, financial aid, scholarships for four year colleges and universities AVID Strategies for Success

10 Students meet the challenge by:  Developing as readers and writers  Developing deep content knowledge  Knowing content specific strategies for reading, writing, thinking and talking  Developing habits, skills and behaviors to use knowledge and skills

11 Why does it work?  Places AVID students in rigorous curriculum and gives them support to achieve  Provides the explicit “hidden curriculum” of schools  Provides a team of students for positive peer identification  Redefines the teacher’s role as that of student advocate

12 The AVID Student…  Has academic potential –Average to high standardized test scores –Minimum 2.5 GPA –Honors/AP/IB potential with support –Desire and determination –Goal: 4-year college/university

13 The AVID Week MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday  AVID Curriculum  Collaborative Study Groups  AVID Curriculum  Collaborative Study Groups  AVID Curriculum  College Visits  College Rep Presentations  Leadership & Motivational Activities AVID Curriculum Critical Reading & Writing Presentation Activities Effective Learning Strategies Focused Notetaking Collaborative Assignments College Research

14 AVID Four Year Plan Based on A-G University of California Requirements 44 years of English 44 years of Math –A–Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc –G–Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, AP Stats/AP Calc/Math Analysis 33 years of History –W–World History/US History/Govt/Economics 33-4 years of Laboratory Science –B–Biology, Chemistry, Physics 22 – 3 years Foreign Language 11 year of Visual or Performing Arts 11 year of College Preparatory Elective

15 AVID Statistics  77% of AVID students successfully complete AP/IB courses.  AVID students complete four-year college entrance requirements at a rate at least two times higher than the national rate.  All racial groups complete four-year college entrance requirements at a rate of 84% or higher.

16 AVID Statistics  While 7% of all California high school graduates attend one of the University of California’s nine campuses, more than 11% of AVID grads enroll in a UC school.  AVID grads attend the 23 California State University campuses four times the rate of all California high school graduates.  76% of AVID students accepted into a 4- year college/university.

17 AVID Goals

18 Self-Management  Pro-active Learner  Goal Setting  Organization  Time Management

19 Think College  AVID is a college prep program.  AVID students are college- bound.

20 Have a Great Notebook  The AVID notebook goes everywhere with you!  Use a planner!

21 Focused Note Taking  The Cornell system is a complete learning system.  Cornell notes work for YOU in every academic class.

22 Two Hours of Homework  This is a minimum requirement.

23 Ask Questions The 3-story Intellect:  Application  Processing  Information

24 Use Collaborative Study Groups to Learn  “None of us is as smart as all of us.”  Learn how to learn.

25 Successful Classroom Interatcion SLANT  Sit up front  Lean forward  Ask questions  Nod your head  Talk to the teacher

26 Respect & Responsibility  These are the foundation for success in school and life.

27 AVID Application Process  Complete the AVID application packet.  Have an academic teacher complete the teacher recommendation form.  Submit all documents to the Troy HS Office by May 30, 2014.  Student interviews will scheduled.  Acceptance letters will follow.

28 Questions?

29 Contact Information 714-626-4321 714-626-4596

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