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Treasurer UNLV Alumni Association Leadership Development Day March 3, 2012.

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1 Treasurer UNLV Alumni Association Leadership Development Day March 3, 2012

2 The Basics The chapters operate under 501(c)3 umbrella of the UNLV Alumni Association Each chapter has a sub-account with the association The chapter board of directors is responsible for activities conducted under the name of the chapter Steve Barela in Alumni Relations functions as the “Bank Teller” and accepts deposits and distributes checks

3 Mission The UNLV Alumni Association exists to promote a strong relationship between UNLV alumni and the university community by providing volunteer leadership, support and other resources for the benefit of UNLV and the Association.

4 Responsibilities of the Treasurer Track and report budget and income and expenses on behalf of your chapter board Deposit funds collected from events, donations Submit check requests and other documents as need Recommend chapter financial policies and procedures Keep up-to-date with association financial policies and procedures Reconcile chapter financial records with those of the association and report issues in a timely manner

5 Responsibilities of the Association Maintain financial policies and procedures to protect the assets of the association and its chapters Protect the nonprofit status of the association Ensure the association's accountant is accurately managing chapter accounts as expected Report account balances on a quarterly basis Prepare annual tax return (the dreaded 990) Prepare and submit association and chapter bi- annual financial audit to Board of Regents (roughly a $30,000 expense)

6 Chapter Board Authority Board reviews and approves activities of the chapter Before each activity, a budget and the activity must be approved by the board Any expense outside the board-authorized amounts may or may not be paid, depending on the decision of the board

7 Budgeting Goal: Create annual budget approved at annual retreat or start of fiscal year Objective: Establishes a plan for chapter activities and financial expectations for coming year Budget should include:  Income projections  Expense projections  Projected net income (loss)

8 Sample Budget INCOME Sponsorship$700 Mixer tickets $100 EXPENSE Invite to mixer $300 Mixer F&B $350 NET INCOME$150

9 How to Spend Chapter Funds Complete a Check Request form Include either:  Invoice with completed W-9  Receipts for reimbursement Send check request and materials to Steve Barela:  or fax to 702-895-4282  Box 451010, 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89154- 1010

10 How to Deposit Chapter Funds Complete a Chapter Deposit form Include deposit items such as cash, checks, credit card slips. We’ll process credit cards for you! Schedule appointment with Steve Barela to make the deposit  **IMPORTANT** Steve is the “bank teller” and only employee with access to the safe. Make sure he is available to receive your deposit  Consider asking your liaison staff member to walk the deposit to our office  or 702-895-2378

11 How to Deposit Chapter Funds (cont.) At the office, Steve will confirm the deposit and provide you with a signed copy of the deposit form. This is your receipt. Claims of missing deposits WILL NOT be honored without presentation of valid receipt.

12 Member Dues Automatically transferred to your chapter account Member dues are transferred monthly to your chapter account Treasurer will receive report itemizing dues paid

13 Bank/Accounting Charges Credit card transaction fees of 3.9% will be billed to your chapter account on a monthly basis At this time, the association picks up the cost of accounting fees and bank charges not otherwise outlined above

14 Reporting Alumni Relations staff will prepare quarterly reporting which covers:  Membership Dues  Bank card fees The accountant will report chapter account balances quarterly as well Annually, the accountant will prepare year-end chapter account balances

15 Audit When the treasurer receives quarterly account balances, verify your records match the numbers reported by the accountant If a discrepancy is found, notify Steve Barela immediately Recommend each chapter establish an audit process that includes other board members who review transactions in detail to safeguard against loss and errors in reporting

16 Next Steps Create a 3-ring binder for chapter finances and organize into the following information:  Chapter budget  Chapter account register  Copies of Check Requests and Deposit forms  Reports from the Alumni Association  Treasurer reports to your chapter board  Instructions/forms Transfer the finance binder to the new treasurer at the end of your term

17 SPONSORSHIPS AND FUNDRAISING Generating Non-dues Income

18 Chapter Sponsor Programs Provide Visibility  Web site, newsletter, emails, events, announcement at event Create Opportunities  Events/programs, networking Sell!  Personal emails, phone calls to partners  Cold-call for new sponsors, bargain & negotiate, mid-year discounts

19 Value Proposition to Sponsors Provides an opportunity for sponsors to develop a partnership that will result in increased visibility among the chapter’s members and the university Show support for UNLV Engage Alumni Discounts for existing sponsors and members

20 Sponsor Program Goals Secure partnerships for mutual beneficial or WIN- WIN relationship Increase sponsor support and exposure at individual events relevant to sponsor business Increase sponsor awareness through multiple communications channels Create affordable annual and event sponsorships

21 Communication Quarterly emails to sponsors to ensure they are abreast of chapter events and programs and new opportunities Sponsors receive benefits though three areas:  Brand Awareness  Networking/Marketing  Tax Deduction

22 Sponsor Benefits Ideas Complimentary tickets to Chapter events Opportunities to meet members Literature distribution at events/programs Podium recognition for Event Sponsors Logo on website Tax deduction

23 Pricing Price based on expected attendance  Include guests, university staff Suggestion:  $250 for events with expected attendance of 50 or less  $500 for events w/ 51-100 people  $750 for events w/ 101-150 people  $1,000 for events w/ more than 151 people

24 Tax-Deductable Receipts For the association to issue receipts for donations or gifts-in-kind or gifts of service, complete a FUNDRAISING REPORT FORM Alumni Relations will work with you to ensure your chapter receives credit for the donation and the donor is properly receipted

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