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Welding Tools.

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1 Welding Tools

2 Hacksaw Cutting device used to physically cut metal by hand.
Takes time and effort to complete.

3 Bandsaw Used to cut metal Much faster and easier than hacksaw.
Can cut through large pieces of metal with ease.

4 Metal Sheer Can be used to shear really large pieces of metal.
Uses hydraulic pressure to cut metal. Dangerous machine

5 Metal File Used to file down and smooth off rough edges from metal.
Hand tool Takes time to finish job

6 Drill Press Used to drill precise holes through metal.
Can be used for big or small pieces of metal. Work must be clamped down properly.

7 Drill Hand Tool Used to drill holes through metal by hand.
Usually used for smaller pieces of metal May not be as precise as using a drill press

8 Hammers Numerous types Extremely useful in welding and metal work.

9 Ball peen hammer Used for tapping things into place and shaping metal

10 Claw Hammer Used to drive nails as well as used to tear down wood and other fastners

11 Soft faced hammer Used in delicate situations where the face of the work does not need to be damaged

12 Chipping hammer Used to scrape slag from metal.
Also sometimes called a slag hammer.

13 Vice grips Designed to apply clamp pressure and have large gripping teeth.

14 Cold Chisel Cutting tool used to shear bolts, pins, rivets, rods, and other metals. Always use safety glasses when using.

15 Grinder Used to clean metal, knock away impurities, smooth burrs and sharp places..etc

16 Wire Brush Used to clean slag away from metal.
Used after you finish cleaning with the slag hammer.

17 Tongs Used to pick up metal Keeps hot metal from touching your hands.

18 Punches Many different types. Each one has a specific use.

19 Center punch Used to make depressions into metal before being drilled.

20 Prick punch and Pin punch
Used to make very small depressions before using the center punch Used for driving straight pins, tapered pins, and roll pins in and out of holes.

21 Vise Mechanists vise is useful for holding parts that we need to work on. Can also be used as an aide to bend metal.

22 Oxyfuel torch Used to cut and pierce metal
Uses a mix of oxygen and acetylene gas to cut or pierce Safety precautions must be taken

23 Plasma cutter Uses air pressure to cut through metal
Makes a cleaner cut than using a torch

24 Striker Used to make a spark that will light the torch.
Causes a spark by pushing the flint across the striker.

25 SMAW Welder (Stick Welder)
Shielded Metral Arc Welder Use electrical current to create arc to be welder with. Must have electrode holder, ground clamp, and welding rod.

26 MIG welder Metal Inert Gas Also known as wire welding
Can run off of electricity or off of argon gas Does not reqiuire a welding rod One of the easiest methods to figure out

27 TIG Welder Looks similar to a MIG welder but uses 100% Argon as a shielding gas. Much more complicated method of welding (requires the use of both hands) Used for thin metals and aluminum.

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