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Teleportation By: Karma Marwan & Omar El-Rakhawi.

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1 Teleportation By: Karma Marwan & Omar El-Rakhawi

2 Definition Teleportation is the movement of objects or elementary particles from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.

3 This idea of teleporting oneself or an object from one place to the other instantly has been applicable only in fiction but not yet scientifically possible due to limitations in time, energy, and equipment The idea of transporting oneself or a certain object from one place to another instantaneously is found most recently in movies such as star trek, and jumper

4 Quantum Teleportation Definition: A technique exploiting the entanglement of separate quantum systems in which information about a quantum state is transferred to a distant location so that a particle can effectively be recreated there, the original state being destroyed in the process What is possible is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics called quantum teleportation. Experiments of quantum teleportation have been carried out on the atomic level, and proved possible

5 Teleportation is not possible because: Of the obscene amount of energy required to heat up and dematerialize one human body. To store the encoded information of one human being it will need 1 followed by 20 zeros of the best available hard drives. So this limits our ability to teleport objects in terms of equipment. It will take more than 2,400 times the present age of the universe to access this amount of data for us to teleport

6 Quantum Teleportation is possible Scientists have tried it on photons and ions making use of a quantum phenomenon called quantum entanglement. By preparing two particles together the particles become connected or entangled regardless of the arbitrary space between them.

7 A diagram on how quantum teleportation works

8 Teleportation should not be confused with quantum teleportation for they are very different fields. One is applied only in science fiction books and movies and is not proven scientifically possible yet, and the other is applied in laboratories with different atomic particles.

9 Thanks for your time! Any Questions?

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