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Mr. McNamara Ms. Talento Mr. Romanelli. Are people born SMART….?

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1 Mr. McNamara Ms. Talento Mr. Romanelli


3 Are people born SMART….?

4 Is intelligence fixed from birth? Do we have ‘built-in’ talents as a baby? Or… do talents, abilities and intelligence itself grow from experience?? What we’ll be looking at

5 At birth, we can’t WALK or TALK These abilities don’t pop up overnight…. ….. they DEVELOP as we LEARN!! Importance of development

6 Good at math? Good at acting? Good at science? Good at music? So, are we born…

7 Was Einstein born a genius?

8 Was Michael Jordan born slam dunking?

9 Was Justin born a ROCK STAR?

10 Fixed mindset Believes: Intelligence is CARVED IN STONE Scores on a test MEASURE POTENTIAL Intelligent people shouldn’t have to WORK HARD Failure reflects a LACK of INTELLIGENCE

11 Growth mindset Believes: Intelligence is MALLEABLE and can be acquired Learning requires HARD WORK and EFFORT ALL individuals CAN LEARN and improve We CANNOT MEASURE a person’s POTENTIAL

12 Learning helps our brain’s neurons GROW. The more we learn, the more connections they make.

13 Some people view it as a learning opportunity. They value learning. While others view it as confirmation that they are not smart.

14 SOME PEOPLE… BLAME themselves, Feel DEPRESSED and GIVE UP trying OTHERS… Don’t think that they are failing, so BLAME NO ONE KEEP GOING and Remain HOPEFUL that they will get there

15 Helpless response Unmotivated Blame someone else Lack of perseverance Decreased enjoyment Depressed Anxious Responsible for the setback Disengaged and avoid getting involved with studying

16 Mastery response View setback as a challenge Try harder Look for other ways to do things Factor in many different points Engage with the problem ?

17 because they are hard? to avoid failing? Do you avoid or give up on certain tasks…

18 think about what you can learn Next time you get feedback or marks that you didn’t want…

19 What do you believe about effort? Do you believe that with hard work and effort you can help you to improve? or Do you believe that putting effort in only shows that you were not good at it in the first place?

20 Do you think of this as someone with extraordinary abilities who achieved things with little effort? Think about your hero…

21 Find out the tremendous effort that went into their accomplishments and admire them even more. Now go and find out the truth!

22 Mindset tips Try out new strategies Find learning information in failure Remember marks do not show your potential - they only show how you are doing right NOW. If you are having difficulties finding new strategies or learning information ask someone who could help you.

23 2 Mindsets recap: Fixed mindset Belief that ability is fixed People are born smart/sporty etc Depressed after failure Put in less effort Don’t try new strategies Growth mindset Belief that people can grow and develop See failure/setback as a learning opportunity Put in effort and persist Try alternative routes to success

24 We know you can do it….. This is going to be a great year and we know that all of you have what it takes to GROW as learners.

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