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Idaho PTA.  The Power of Social Media  Your Tools: Facebook, Twitter & YouTube  Connecting Your Social Media Efforts.

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1 Idaho PTA

2  The Power of Social Media  Your Tools: Facebook, Twitter & YouTube  Connecting Your Social Media Efforts

3 Social Media Revolution 2012

4  According to Ipsos North America’s December 2010 poll:  57% go to Facebook and Twitter  26% go to District website

5 800 million active users  50% log on daily 100,000 users age 64+  310,000 users between 45–63  300,000 + businesses now have FB fan pages including hundreds of school districts  250 million have FB on mobile devices  Average user is connected to 80 community pages.

6  Use to drive traffic back to website  Post:  Photos  Videos  News  announcements  Link to YouTube (videos) or Flickr (photos )page.  Posts on FB should be brief and informal  Make it a conversation

7 Oklahoma State Superintendent School Superintendents of Alabama

8 Superintendent Luna’s Facebook Page

9 Candidates for 4J School Board in Eugene,Ore

10 School Districts Joplin, MO 5,000 followers Queensbury, NY 948 followers

11 Teachers

12 PTA Facebook Pages


14 Group Page, Community Page or Fan Page?

15 Can be set up by any individual and similar to clubs in the real world You “join” Groups Administrators can send messages to up to 5,000 Group members Only open Groups are searchable publicly Groups can’t have a personalized URL (Universal Resource Locator or website address) Idaho PTA’s Group Page

16 Dedicated to topic or experience that is “owned” collectively by the community connected to it Let you connect with others who share similar interests and experiences Community Pages

17 Fan pages of a company, person, product, non-profit, organization Administers can send unlimited messages, called “Updates” that appear on members’ Facebook walls Can host applications that permit you to show more content and interact with users. Fan or Business Page

18 Idaho PTA’s Fan Page Fans “like” pages New Timeline Dress it up

19 Idaho PTA Fan Page Continued

20 Back ground, Mission Statement, etc. on your Info page

21 Facebook Insights

22 More Facebook Insights

23 Questions and Polls


25 How to Start Your Fan Page

26 Micro blogging platform in 140 characters or less Launched 2006 106 million registered users ; 65 million tweets per day 750 tweets per second It’s all about immediacy/useful in crises Slower growth among parents than FB

27 Janis Krums’ Tweet from his cell phone on Jan.15, 2009 aboard a ferry on the Hudson River in NYC



30 Twitter Page for US Secretary of Education

31 Twitter Page for Idaho Superintendent

32 Twitter Page for Idaho PTA

33 Drive traffic to your website/blog Provide you with professional contacts Gives information quickly about what is going on in the PTA/Education world Teaches you new ideas, concepts, and skills Alerts you to hot topics (great news source) Allows you to share causes you support content you want others to know about news people should care about.

34  1.Don't Forget Strategy. You should have clear goals in place and be prepared to measure the success of your Twittering efforts.  2. Don't Fail to Integrate. Integrate with your blog, Facebook page, website and more. Twitter and all of your social media accounts are interconnected.  3. Don't Lose Focus. Keep a core focus to your tweets can help you grow a loyal audience of followers.  4. Don't Forget Common Courtesy. Overall, Twitter is a watercooler, a conference call, a conversation. Be polite, respectful and kind. Reference others in your tweets by using an @ sign followed by their Twitter name. There is something to be said for genuine kindness on Twitter -- it goes a long, long way. Bottom Line: Golden Rule applies on Twitter and throughout the social mediasphere.

35 Twitter Anatomy # of people you follow; your followers What’s trending/what people are talking about The wall

36 Twerminology Twitter Help Center can assist you with terminology like #hashtags, @symbols, and how Twitter works in general.

37 Video sharing website Launched 2005, bought by Google 2006 2 billion + viewers a day—More Video Uploaded To YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major networks created in 60 years

38 Create a channel

39 Connect your Media


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