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Upgraded Guided Tour

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1 Upgraded Guided Tour

2 What is is a library of focused research across a broad range of subject areas and also includes Beef Issues Quarterly, an issues journal providing trends intelligence to help guide the beef industry’s planning and issues management efforts. Research programs include: Product Quality Beef Safety Human Nutrition Beef Sustainability Market Research & Planning

3 Homepage Essentials: Horizontal navigation bar with 5 menus Direct access to a full site search Latest posts from Research and Beef Issues Quarterly in the green box Direct links to all research programs The lower menu bar gives access to contact information, research program priorities and a Researchers’ Hub

4 If you know what you are looking for, you can quickly begin your search from the homepage If you are not sure where to start, choose a program area or other resource from the Resources menu

5 If you choose a program from the Resources menu, you will land on the filtered search page for that program. This filter gives you access to the complete library of program materials, searchable by topic, resource type and/or year.

6 Product Quality, Beef Safety, Human Nutrition and Beef Sustainability have program landing pages accessible from the homepage. Click on the Programs menu and select a program… Or, you can directly choose from one of the six boxes shown at the bottom of the page.

7 The program landing pages give a program overview, highlight featured resources and provide quick access links including a direct link to the program’s document library.

8 Beef Issues Quarterly and Market Research have a combination landing page and filter page.

9 The upgraded site includes the following new features: The search function has been upgraded and also includes a filtered search for more accurate results A new high- and low-res Photo Library of beef sub-primals and some cuts is available on the Product Quality landing page. The Beef Issues Quarterly journal is now included on the site with access to hundreds of articles providing industry trends intelligence The site is accessible from tablets, phones and all other mobile devices

10 If you have comments, questions or concerns about, please contact Wendy David at Thank you!

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