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Monmouth County Vocational School District Freehold, New Jersey Mr. Spadavecchia.

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1 Monmouth County Vocational School District Freehold, New Jersey Mr. Spadavecchia

2 Plumbing & Pipefitting Two year course designed to provide students with basic skills that are needed to gain entry level employment skills in the plumbing field as an apprentice.

3 Plumbing & Pipefitting Level One Classroom Instruction: Career Safety Plumbing Materials DWV Systems, Waste Disposal Systems Water Distribution Systems, Water Supply Systems Plumbing Fixtures Valves and Faucets Plumbing Appliances, Water Heaters, Boilers Plumbing Related Science and Mathematics

4 Text and PowerPoint Presentations by E. Keith Blankenbaker

5 Plumbing & Pipefitting Level One Practical Skills: Soldering Copper Tubing Cutting and Threading Steel Pipe Installing PVC Piping Using Power Tools: Right Angle Drill, SawZall, Vise Rough Plumbing Mark-Out DWV Installation Domestic Water Supply Installation Testing and Inspection Preparation Plumbing Fixture Installation Troubleshooting Plumbing Systems Retro Fitting and Renovation

6 Plumbing & Pipefitting








14 Level Two Classroom Instruction: Sizing Plumbing Systems: DWV, Water Distribution, Gas Piping Blueprint Reading Isometric Drawing Creating Material Lists and Cost Estimating Plumbing Related Science and Mathematics National Standard Plumbing Code Book Instruction Resume Development and Employment Search

15 Plumbing & Pipefitting



18 Level Two Practical Skills: Building Drain Installation Domestic Water System Installation Natural Gas Piping Installation Hydronic Heating System Installation Boiler Installation Troubleshooting and Maintaining a Hydronic Heating System Structured Learning- School To Career

19 Plumbing & Pipefitting Future Opportunities: Apprentice Plumbing Courses Through MCVSD Plumbing & Pipefitting Union Local 9: Manalapan, NJ Plumbing & Pipefitting Union Local 14: Lodi, NJ Employment With Local Licensed Plumbing Contractor Become a Licensed Plumbing Contractor and Business Owner Five Years of Work Experience as Apprentice Under a Licensed Plumber Four Years of Approved Apprenticeship Training New Jersey State Licensing Test

20 Plumbing & Pipefitting Earning Potential: Plumbers and Pipefitters are among the highest paid workers in construction occupations. Median hourly wages of wage and salary is $21.94. The highest 10 percent earned more than $37.93. Median hourly wages in the industries employing the largest numbers of Plumbers and Pipefitters were as follows: Natural Gas Distribution- $26.27 Commercial Building Construction- $23.14 Building Equipment Contractors- $21.86 Utility System Construction- $21.15 Local government- $20.65 *Source- U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

21 Plumbing & Pipefitting Contact Information: Guidance- Mrs. L. Mahoney Phone- 732-462-7570 Instructor- Mr. V. Spadavecchia Phone- 732-462-7570 Principal- Mr. J. Johnson Phone- 732-264-4995 MCVSD- Phone- 732-431-7942

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