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TADA Coaching Pilot Program Charlotte Housing Authority 2010 by Christopher Harper.

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1 TADA Coaching Pilot Program Charlotte Housing Authority 2010 by Christopher Harper

2 FEEL THE JOY! Teaching Kids how to Discover their talents within is a loving experience for both teachers and students!

3 TADA Coaches for TADA Afterschool 2010 Pilot

4 TADA Coaches, Teachers are taught quickly, simply, easily, how to embrace the Talents in Every Child!

5 Talent Discover is a Fun, Entertaining and Playful Process of Making Practice, Commitment, Courage and Competence a beautiful part of the learning process!

6 See the “confidence light up in their eye” make Talent Discovery Education “A MUST” for Every Child!

7 Two Coaches, Two Talented Students… “Sends a Powerful Message: “You Are Already Talented”

8 Imagine Meeting Twice Weekly Growing Up With Your Personal Talent Discovery Coach?

9 A TADA Coach is a Father, Brother, Friends, Teacher, all Rolled Into “I Believe In You!”. Simply, They Are Advocates of Knowing The Truth in Every Child’s Heart. “Meet My Hero!”

10 Talent Discover Education Makes Every Part of a One Big Common Family… Saying: “We’ve All Got Talent!”

11 “We’re Getting Ready To Make A Difference In This World!”

12 Talent Discovery inspires Commitment to “Practice” and the “Courage to say NO” to outside distractions!

13 Minds are transformed once a child truly knows “I already have the talent to succeed at anything IN ME!

14 “Do you not know just how talented I AM? Well, I DO!”

15 Talent Discover is never about the environment, it’s about the message – Seriously Speaking: Every Child Is Incredibly Talented and SO ARE YOU!

16 With Talent Discover Education, Resistance Is Futile! “It teaches every child “they are special, very special”

17 Body Language Tells The Bigger Story…

18 “Are We Engaged or What?”

19 “You Have No Idea What I’m Capable of… but I now do so watch out!”

20 “If she only knew What I Now Know About ME….” hehehe


22 “Seek With Them and YOU WILL FIND They All Have Gifts Within Them Already!”

23 “Curiosity Nurtures Is The Teacher of Love within when the Heart is Fully Engaged!”

24 Remember, it’s 4:00pm in the afternoon – and these kids are choosing to spend time with their TADA Coach!


26 “Discovery of My Talents Makes Me Smile! AM I GOOD OR WHAT?”

27 TADA Teachers and Coaches “Believe in their student’s Talents within until they believe in them for themselves!

28 Our Future Here Is Busy Discovering Their Talents Within! Getting Ready To Change Our World!

29 The joy of knowing “I’m Talented” is contagious!

30 “I’m A Winner – Full of Natural Talents – and now I know I can make a difference in the world!”

31 Will You Help Us Change The World? It Won’t Be Easy, But We’re Ready, ARE YOU?

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