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Peter F Scott School of Law & Social Science Glasgow Caledonian University.

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1 Peter F Scott School of Law & Social Science Glasgow Caledonian University

2 Teaching & Learning Promote Deep Learning Innovate Enthuse Involve students Develop new assessment strategies Contextualise Demonstrate Workplace Relevance

3 Challenge or Opportunity? “Short Fat Modules” Under resourced Exponential Growth in Administration Stringent Quality Regime Underpaid Overworked Tired and Weary

4 Learning Mechanisms Lectures Seminars Field trips Directed Study C.A.L. “Private Study” Exam revision Social Activity Must inspire? Students must prepare! Where to? Needs self discipline Expensive to develop Must be interested! Cramming????? Needs motivation

5 Assessment Options End testing Essays Reports Presentations Poster Presentations Multiple choice Electronic marking Peer Group Assessments Tests learning to date Workplace relevant? Tied to case studies Time consuming? Innovative but…? Tests learning to date Innovative but…..?

6 Case in Point Environmental Issues Non lawyers Complex law No depth of underpinning Problem Based Learning? CONTEXTUALISE!

7 “Graduateness” Knowledge of subject Ability to apply knowledge Communication Skills Research Skills Analytical WORKPLACE RELEVANT

8 Project must be integral to Learning Initially students were given individual projects but students now self select a topic

9 Self Selection? Topic must encompass specific criteria i.e. Examine Impact on Land Air & Water AND examine the issue from the perspectives of UK, EU & International Law

10 Assessment NO end testing Original and independent research Ability to raise awareness Report Writing Skills Academic Research Skills DEEP LEARNING

11 METHODOLOGY Presentation to demonstrate ability to raise awareness Report to demonstrate ability to write succinct but accurate overview Micro analysis of one aspect to demonstrate research capability

12 Raise Awareness Select one of three jurisdictions Ensure that holistic view is taken of environmental impact Deliver a well sourced & informative presentation

13 “Awareness Mechanism” Poster Presentation Exhibition format Expert Judging Panel Each presenter must speak to his/her poster HIGHLY SPECIFIC MARKING CRITERIA

14 “Reportage” Mechanism Structured Report on second of the three Jurisdictions Clear Guidelines on format Must be holistic overview Concise and clear NO WORD COUNT

15 Micro-Analysis Deals with one aspect of remaining Jurisdiction Exhaustive and detailed treatment Benchmark to be “publishable standard”

16 Bottom Line? Students are in control of their learning Students are motivated Lectures underpin basic principles but.. PROMOTES DEEP LEARNING

17 TIPS? Build in workshops to discuss progress Build in workshops on personal transferable skills Require “diagnostic” abstracts Give constructive feedback

18 Alternative Assessment Mechanisms “Live Environment” Power point Live presentations Peer Group Assessment Others? Single topic project Resource dependent Class Time consuming Posters lend themselves to this Yes but beware that large classes create their own logistical problems

19 LIVE PROJECTS What are they? What do they achieve? What value have they? Who wants them? Why adopt them? Where do you find them?

20 Projects? Ideally self selected at Honours Level Shopping Malls Breweries Factories Theatres Building Sites National Trust Properties

21 Relevance? Planning Law Construction Law Health & Safety Law Employment Law Environmental Law Commercial Law Clinical Legal Skills “People Skills”

22 The Lecturer Informed by student input Education burden is shared Projects encourage dialogue An involved student is a good student Projects Generate Interest Innovation is an imperative Quality Benchmark!

23 The Student Responsible for own learning Encourages research Hands on skills Promotes Deep Learning Promotes sense of achievement Can even be enjoyable Links with potential employers

24 SO? Explore new fields Demonstrate relevance Link up with Practice Network Make your own job and that of the students more interesting

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