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Bed Management Meeting More Than Just Measurement : Outcomes

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1 Bed Management Meeting More Than Just Measurement : Outcomes
Patient Flow Collaborative Learning Session 3 Trevor Rixon Access Manager 8 February 2005

2 Bed Management Meeting - What do we want to achieve?
Improved RCH patient experience - ensure timely access to hospital for our patients & families Collect accurate & timely information - for both day-to-day & longer term decisions about managing patient flow & capacity Identify & remove barriers to good bed management practice A flexible system, capable of effectively managing fluctuations in activity whilst maintaining efficiency Active involvement of the RCH community in bed management

3 Length of Stay (Total) 80% of patients (excluding sameday) at this hospital had a length of stay between 1 and 6 days with the maximum length of stay currently at 360 days. Ave LOS:

4 Average Admissions & Discharges by DOW
For the period Jul03-Mar04 the highest number of average admissions for multiday patients was on a Monday (67), and the highest number of average discharges was on a Friday (70). The lowest number of average admissions (excluding weekends) was on a Friday (1), and the lowest number of average discharges was on a Monday (40).


6 Understanding Patient Flow
Minimal influence over emergency arrivals Emphasis on managing discharges & elective admissions - all other outcomes then follow Requires sufficient data & information to properly understand how things are currently operating Inpatient Flow: align elective & emergency flows to better manage demand & capacity Patient Discharge: create capacity in the system by increasing the efficiency of patient discharge processes

7 Data and Information Effective Bed Management requires:
regular monitoring of current situation through timely analysis of accurate data set supported by the smooth flow of information throughout the whole organisation Core set of operational data is collected & monitored by the Access Management Team on a daily basis

8 Story so far…… Access Manager appointed
Met with stakeholders Reviewed bed management process & practices Identified service gaps Discussion paper distributed Developed & implemented IT-based Bed Management Tool illustrates the variation of bed management activity on a periodic basis

9 Story so far…… Bed management meetings commenced: August 2004
Access Management Team (Access Manager, Bed Allocations Officer) co-ordinates meeting All ward/unit nursing staff attend daily Completed bed management template sent to staff daily data assists in planning & managing elective & emergency demand Enhanced communication & liaison between RCH & Royal Bank (casual staffing provider)

10 Bed Management Tool Through valid data collection, increase awareness of all staff of the need for good bed management practice to underpin achievement of key access targets To inform good and effective bed management To provide an easy to use format & access to information that improves bed management processes



13 Lessons Learnt Systems & tools enable better understanding of resource requirements by all participants Information presented in a structured format ensures an agreed understanding & minimises disputation of data Dealing with bed management issues in group forum allows time to identify & resolve issues ‘meeting after the meeting’ Enhances staff development - access to mentors & champions Important to acknowledge and celebrate progress




17 Improvement Plan Staff Survey undertaken
Organisational review of bed management policy & practices Inform Admissions & Discharge process changes Develop an ‘on-line’ bed management system Dedicated venue Further integrate process into culture & context by seeking involvement of key medical & allied health staff Assist nursing management to manage staffing issues that impact on bed availability: casual staffing requirements; sick leave patterns; rostering practices

18 Bed Management Meeting More Than Just Measurement : Outcomes

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