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Senior Management Team September 2014 Head of Digital Delivery and Customer Solutions Digital Services and Transformation Directorate.

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1 Senior Management Team September 2014 Head of Digital Delivery and Customer Solutions Digital Services and Transformation Directorate

2 The Student Loans Company - 2014 Our Mission We enable our customers to invest in their futures by delivering secure, accurate and efficient assessment, payment and repayment services Our Vision To be valued as a Digital, Customer-Focused, Centre of Excellence

3 As a Senior Management Team Member SMT Membership The SMT will propose potential courses of action to the ELT for delivering the Mission and, once decisions are made, SMT members will co-ordinate the execution of plans where: Recommendations and decisions are made with cross-portfolio dependencies in mind, ensuring impacts, risks and conflicts are proactively addressed and resolved Authority for acting on decisions is part of your individual job role, however you will be jointly accountable with your SMT colleagues for achieving corporate objectives since these span SLC portfolios In order for everyone at SLC to understand what is required of them, you and your SMT colleagues will hold joint responsibility for communicating the steps that are being taken to execute Company strategies You will also be responsible for reporting to the rest of SLC how well the company-wide processes are performing against agreed company-wide measures and what actions are being taken to keep SLC on track to deliver its Mission and achieve its Vision You will deliver value by: Delivering the Business Plan to achieve corporate goals and objectives Sponsoring Business Transformation Working collaboratively across SLC portfolios Demonstrating the SLC “Leading the Way” values and behaviours Company Leadership As a recognised leader in the Company you are anticipated to devote circa 30% of your time to the following activities: Putting the customer at the heart of decision-making, resource allocation and delivery Actively promote and support the SLC transformation to achieve our Vision Show ownership of the Mission by guiding improvements to current operations and processes Take ownership of the Company’s Medium Term Financial plans to drive efficiencies and cost savings that underpin the Transformation Programme Empower, guide and enable staff to deliver the Mission Recognise and celebrate individual and team achievements Promote SLC values through your own actions Exercise your accountability to shareholders and fulfil your responsibilities to relevant stakeholders, including colleagues and staff

4 Head of Digital Delivery and Customer Solutions Purpose of the role: Creation and on-going delivery roadmap of customer strategy enabling solutions supporting Digital Delivery and the Processing & Contact Centres Leading delivery of coherent customer driven Digital by Default services with end-to-end outcomes, and congruent multi-channel capability Continuous and Agile driven delivery of solutions bringing efficiency and productivity to our services Management and leadership of a team of positive, creative Digital expertise and constructive processes around the change Provide Digital and technology solutions that drive down cost per transaction measures in a sustainable manner Ensure delivery all of the Company’s business process and technical changes align to a defined customer experience and Digital by Default methodology, that allows the Company to operate safe & reliable services to its customers and stakeholders To champion Digital ability across SLC, BIS and GDS to build and maintain strong strategic relationships with key stakeholders To lead the build of a commercially mature Agile approach and capability within SLC and its partners The operational duty of the role is to create a digital team and a digital capability based on the principles of zero touch processes and fast, data driven change. To support the promotion and embedding of innovation into all aspects of the Company’s services, to support the organisation achieving the ‘centre of excellence’ vision Deliver Assisted Digital solutions as agreed Responsible To: Chief Digital Officer Management Digital Delivery Staff Total circa 80 FTE Plus strategic partner resources Budgetary Authority: Circa £8m Salary range: £85- 98k

5 Head of Digital Delivery and Customer Solutions Key Responsibilities: As part of the Senior Management Team you will Identify and contribute to the setting of the ICT Strategy within SLC (and with BIS / GDS) focusing on the Digital outcomes and objectives for the transformation of SLC to become a digital, customer focused centre of excellence Lead & Implement and continuously improve Digital Delivery systems within SLC Identify and develop staff within ICT and SLC on digital technology systems and implement a performance management system to continuously improve staff knowledge and skills in SLC’s digital and technology systems Lead & Continuously improve the customer experience through co-ordinated User Experience Testing through Digital Delivery within SLC Manage the relationship, spend and deliverables with Digital Delivery suppliers within the Transformation programme Improve the Agile capabilities of the SLC staff within the teams and ensure that a core team is established that can undertake continuous improvements on the project Lead on the outputs of the Digital Delivery agenda and ensure it is a measurable business improvements against goals, such as: Reduced Call Volumes Improved published performance measures Increase customer satisfaction Take Responsibility to engage external stakeholders in the delivery of the new features (BIS, GDS, NASMA, NUS) Accountable for the reporting of progress on Digital Delivery Management of Issues, Risks, Assumptions and Dependencies of the Digital Delivery programme within SLC and the core responsibilities to achieve this within the Transformation Programme and regular change delivery Keep continually developed and monitored the changes to user habits, preferences and behaviours across various digital platforms and their implications for successful delivery of SLC digital services Support the CTO in understanding the digital marketplace, including best practice, costs, suppliers, methodologies and skills to both internal and external stakeholders Improve the automation of key disciplines including: Testing Releasing Environment Provisioning Data analytics Communicate credibly with a wide range of Digital Delivery disciplines and talent both internally and externally Meet the governance, policy and process requirements of the range of issues / disciplines affecting your area of responsibility e.g. Business and financial planning, procurement, internal audit, people policies etc

6 Head of Digital Delivery and Customer Solutions Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience: Demonstrable and practical experience at a senior level, in public or private sector, of working with senior colleagues to deliver Digital services and changes to business processes and systems, to deliver cost savings and service improvements for customers Graduate in a Digital-related discipline, including software engineering Tried and tested Agile skills including a qualification (such as AgilePM) A seasoned Digital professional with a proven track record of continuing professional development with experience of leading a professional team defining and delivering a Digital programme of improvements to internal processes, structures and capability Proven track record of managing Digital services and supporting the delivery of major complex Digital Transformation programme, with high technical specifications, within tight budgetary and timescale constraints Understanding and experience of using agile project management techniques and working practices, open source, cloud platforms and digital services; Effective communication skills with an ability to inspire and encourage debate on strategic issues with all stakeholders Ability to demonstrate both a detailed knowledge of new technologies and an ongoing familiarity with the integration and implementation of existing systems with new technologies, focusing on Digital Delivery Expert knowledge in transforming existing technology to integrate with Digital technology by effectively engaging with technical staff and suppliers in order to define the optimum approach to service design Strong influencing skills with both internal staff and external stakeholders with the ability to provide clear and non-technical advice/interpretation of complex information Understanding and experience of using agile project management techniques and working practices, open source, cloud platforms and Digital services Desirable Skills, Knowledge and Experience: The ability to also manage partner/provider relationships under PSI or PPP Experience of Digital Delivery within Financial Services Key Outcomes: Contribute to the delivery of the SLC full business case benefits through supporting the Transformation programme delivery Development of SLC in-house Digital Capability - build and run a Digital team to deliver front end systems in an operating environment Development of a responsive, agile, customer focussed team to meet the needs of the business Reduced reliance on 3rd party providers and conversant reduction in operating costs Building and enhancing SLCs Digital Capability in line with Transformation aspirations Development of close working relations with the business Development of close relations with customers/external stakeholders Provide a new generation of Digital technology that enhances our customer experience and delivers for our stakeholders and sponsors

7 Credible Candidate Headlines for Recruitment – Head of Digital Delivery and Customer Solutions Business wide leadership for delivery of Digital Public Services (see tech-across-gov/) tech-across-gov/ Customer-facing CTO style skills with strong team working to co-create with the CTO (see leadership/amazon-cto-vogels-the-4-types-of- ctos/d/d-id/1083140?) leadership/amazon-cto-vogels-the-4-types-of- ctos/d/d-id/1083140 The role will be based either in Glasgow or Darlington, and leading the core teams in each location, management of multi-site co-located teams for effective Agile /Continuous delivery. Regular travel between both locations will be required Digital Agency / Systems Integrator experience as a Strategic Planner and Digital CTO – likely Retail or Financial Services markets Evidence that can lead the following strategies on behalf of the business: –Digital by Default, GDS exemplar principles –Agile / Continuous ways of working –Customer Experience process transformation –Data Driven process transformation Broad experience of difference systems (in a variety of Financial Services and Customer Management contexts (IVR, ACD, CRM, WFM, WEB, SMS, MOBILE, INTEGRATION, BIG DATA). Solution experience blending build, buy, open source for pragmatic affordable customer results – building out from the core Java skillset Commercial nous and robust commercial management of technology suppliers within an Agile way of working People skills to build the rightsize rightskill tiered in- house capability with consistent high quality ways of working General Management capability to represent the CDO team at Darlington as required

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