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Becars: an Automatic Speaker Verification system

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1 Becars: an Automatic Speaker Verification system
Chafic Mokbel(1) Raphaël Blouet(2) Eduardo Sanchez Soto(2) Gérard Chollet(2) University of Balamand, El Koura, Libanon (2) École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris, France

2 Outline Context and aim of the work Automatic identification
Biometric identification Automatic Speaker Verification Applications State of the art – research directions Conclusion / discussion

3 Context and aim of the work
Collaboration between the University of Balamamand and l’ENST in the context of the Cedar project a French-Libanese cooperation framework Setting up and distribution of a gnu software for Automatic speaker Verification Participation of both sites to the NIST 2004 speaker verification evaluation Standard in evaluation of state-of-the-art performances

4 Automatic identification
Why ? Secure access to sensitive data, offices or services Automatic adaptation of softwares or services to clients… How ? [S. Liu and M. Silverman 2001.] “Something that you have” : keys, cards… “Something that you know” : PIN code, password… “Something that you are” : Biometric Authentication

5 Biometric identification
Something that you know Something that you have Biometry: something that you are SECURED SPACE Bla-bla

6 Automatic Speaker Verification
Verification System Claimed Identity Acceptation Rejection Speech processing Biometric Technology

7 State of the art – research directions (1)
Hypothesis Testing: Y, Acoustic Parameters Space: Mel Filter Bank Cepstal Coefficient (mfcc). Speaker Modelization : Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), [Reynolds, 1994] Acceptation Rejection

8 Gaussians Mixture Model
Parameters :

9 State of the art – research directions (3)
world model, speaker independent, train with all available speaker, using the algorithm EM . client model, Obtained as an adaptation of , MAP with a prior distribution MLLR with a transform function Unified approach

10 Adaptation Degré de liberté variable  Partitionnement variable des distributions Après chaque étape E de l’EM  partitionnement donnant une quantité de données suffisante par classe 12 9 17 6 23 21 33 56

11 Hierarchical - MLLR adapted System

12 Conclusion / discussion
Becars provides a state-of –the-art software for GMM parameters estimation Speed up development and research purposes of new site wishing to participate to the NIST evaluation Enhance software quality by users’ feedback

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