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The Rise of Islam Chapter 11 Section 1.

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1 The Rise of Islam Chapter 11 Section 1

2 Geography Arabian Peninsula borders: East: Persian Gulf West: Red Sea
North: Syrian Desert South: Arabian Sea Most of Arabian Peninsula is desert.


4 Early Arabs Bedouins: Nomads who herded sheep and camels.
Couldn’t grow crops. Sheikh: leader of the Tribe. Cities began to appear along the coast (Mecca) Trade routes established (Caravans).

5 Muhammad Caravan Trader in Mecca
40 years old: believed the Angel Jibreel spoke to Muhammad He was to be a prophet of Allah Received teaching and revelations from Allah.

6 Muhammad Meets Resistance
Merchants of Mecca harassed Muhammad. Believed: His thoughts/ideas disrupted their authority One god, Not Polytheistic People would stop coming to the Kaaba Stone building filled with idols that people worshipped









15 Hijrah 622 A.D. Mecca Yathrib Yathrib becomes Medina
Known as the Hijrah (Flight) Yathrib becomes Medina “City of Prophets” Muhammad's teaching spread throughout the Peninsula. Including Mecca


17 Back to Mecca 630 A.D.- Muhammad travels back to Mecca.
Rededicated the Kaaba to worship Allah. 632 A.D.- Muhammad dies Converted most people in the Middle East and N. Africa to a new religion: ISLAM

18 Beliefs in Islam One God (Allah) Followers of Islam: Muslims
Islam= submission to God Followers of Islam: Muslims 2nd Largest religion in the world: Growing Majority live in N. Africa, Asia and E. Europe.

19 Muslim World Population

20 Qur’an: Holy book of Islam
Word of Allah received by Muhammad Sacred guide for all people. Written in Arabic: Common language of Muslims. Teaching include: Live humble lives, tolerance and generosity, no pork or alcohol Also includes the 5 Pillars of Islam

21 5 Pillars of Islam Profession of Faith Five Daily Prayers
Only one God (Allah) Muhammad: Messenger of God Five Daily Prayers Face the direction of Mecca

22 Fasting during Ramadan
Paying Zakat Annual tax to help the poor. Fasting during Ramadan Eat/Drink nothing from sunrise to sunset Importance of self-discipline

23 Pilgrimage to Mecca Make the trek at least once
Meet to pray/perform rituals

24 Rituals of the Hajj

25 The Jamraat (Stoning the Pillar)
Plain of Arafat The Jamraat (Stoning the Pillar)

26 Jihad: “Struggle to defend faith.”
Die for the struggle: Rewarded in Heaven.

27 Mosques Muslim’s place of worship
No furnishings, only mats to kneel on for prayer. Men who are trained in the Qur’an lead prayers Noon on Fridays: gather for prayer. Women: in most Islamic Culture, pray at home/ segregated in the Mosque

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