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Latin America Today Unit 3 – Chapter 10 Ch 10 PP.

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1 Latin America Today Unit 3 – Chapter 10 Ch 10 PP

2 I. Section I Living in Ch 10 PP

3 A. Agriculture Latifundia and Minifundia Cash Crops & Livestock
Campesinos – rural farmers and workers Latifundia – Large agricultural estates owned by wealthy families or corporations Minifundia – Small plots of lands farmed by campesinos to feed their family Cash Crops & Livestock Cash Crops – produced in large quantities to be sold or traded Coffee – Brazil, Mexico, Columbia Bananas – Jamaica, Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil Sugarcane – Brazil, Cuba Why is relying on a single cash crop dangerous? Ch 10 PP

4 B. Industry Industrial growth Maquiladoras
Developing Countries – working towards more industry & technology Service Industries – example: banking, health care, teaching Banking has grown rapidly in recent decades What are some things that could hinder industrial growth? Maquiladoras Factories built in Latin American countries by other countries Low wage costs Gives locals more job opportunities Many located close to the U.S., in Mexico Ch 10 PP

5 C. Trade & Interdependence
NAFTA In 1992, Mexico, the U.S., and Canada signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Gradually reduce restrictions and increased the flow of goods, services, and people among these countries Foreign Debt Many Latin American countries have borrowed funds from other countries to build more industry Many are having troubles paying the debt back Ch 10 PP

6 D. Transportation Rugged terrain Pan-American Highway Railways
What physical features in this region would make it difficult to build roads Pan-American Highway Region’s major roadway Stretched from northern Mexico to Southern Chile! Links more than a dozen Latin American capitals Railways Airplanes Panama Canal (make sure you read pg ) Ch 10 PP

7 E. Communications Newspapers, Radio, & Television Computers
All may be censored by the government is there is political unrest Many people can’t afford phones Computers Most people cannot afford one In 1998, an average of only 34 out of 1,000 Latin Americans owned computers Ch 10 PP

8 People and Their Environment
II. Section II People and Their Environment Ch 10 PP

9 A. Managing Rain Forests
Deforestation – the clearing or destruction of forests See map on pg. 243 Ch 10 PP

10 Managing Rain Forests (Cont.)
Slash & Burn Farming – Trees are cut down and burn to make more room for farming Unhealthy for the land After the land has been used for a few years, the people often move on and clear more land Reforestation – Planting of new trees to “rebuild” the rainforests Ch 10 PP

11 B. Urban Environments Overcrowded cities Building a better life
Shantytowns – slums List 5 things that could be caused by overcrowding Building a better life What are some things that could be done to help with a city’s overcrowding problems? Ch 10 PP

12 C. Regional & International Issues
Disputed Borders Constant wars over borders (especially those w/natural resources) Population Growth & Migration Read this section on pg. 246 Make sure you read pgs Ch 10 PP

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