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Alistair Murdoch Key Account Manager Finning UK Ltd.

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1 Alistair Murdoch Key Account Manager Finning UK Ltd

2 THE HISTORY - Began in Late 19th Century in California - Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt - Developing more efficient farming equipment - In 1904, Holt Tested First Crawler Tractor - In 1925 Best and Holt merged to form Caterpillar Tractor Co.

3 Caterpillar History


5 22 Facilities (excl. Finning) Caterpillar in the UK More than 10,000 employees 250k+ Units Produced per Year

6 Finning (UK) Ltd National coverage  25 branches across all divisions  6,000 Employees  $1.7 Billion Revenue  Largest Cat Dealer in world Two Divisions  Construction  Power Systems Continuity of Product & Support Partnership with CAT ISO 9001 Quality accreditation ISO 1401 Environmental accreditation

7 UK Wide Support Infrastructure 86 Acres across 25 sites Over 521,000 Square Feet Of Workshop Space Over 167,000 Square Feet Of Warehouse Space delivering 97% next day parts availability Service Operations


9 Product Link Product Link is the hardware that enables information to flow between the on-board systems of your machine directly to your and Finning service offices. Consists of 3 main components; Radio Antenna Electronic Control Module

10 How does it work? Product Link Hardware Installed Data from Equipment GPS Position Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Network Server Your BlackberryCustomer Office Finning Service Office

11 What It Offers  Machine location on map  Current and History of machine hours  View machine start and stop times  Fuel - tank level and total used  Unauthorised equipment usage

12 Map Location

13 Product Usage

14 Technologies to improve component life And Reduce Operating Cost Finning “Eco-Drive”


16 Idle Time Download Example £5,807 of Wasted Fuel

17 Unnecessary Idling Typical wheel loader fuel consumption whilst idling - 4.2litre per hour 1 hour per day, 24 days per month, 12 months per year 1209 litres consumption per year at 41p/litre = £496 saving x 10 Year = £4,960 at 65p/litre = £786 saving x 10 Year = £7,860

18 FUEL CONSUMPTION AND FUEL SAVING Positive Impact – there is a lot more involved: Reducing fuel cost Reducing CO2 emission Reducing engine wear Improve machine health Reduce machine down time Reducing stress Increasing comfort Increasing safety Increased production & Profit

19 How many do we really need?

20 ACERT Engine Technology

21 Building Blocks

22 Equal to Taking 35 Million Passenger Cars OFF The Road Emissions Reductions 1 Million Less Tons NO x by 2010

23 CAT Machines Are Built To Be Rebuilt Because it looks like this dosen’t mean it’s Past It! An Investment for between 10,000 To 40,000 HOURS Machine Rebuilds

24 Machine Rebuild Options  Finning rebuild  Cat Certified Power Train  Cat Certified Rebuild Machine Rebuilds

25 Finning Rebuild  Multi-component, powertrain or total machine  12 month warranty plus option to extend  Ultimate flexibility


27 What is a Certified Power Train?  Radiator to final drive overhaul to Cat spec  Restores performance to new  Includes critical product updates

28 Engine Transmission Oscillating Group Radiator Differentials Axles Final drives Universal joints Brakes Torque Converter Drive Line Certified Power Train (CPT)

29 Tarmac 980F – Machine has done 24,000 Hours

30 What is a Cat Certified Rebuild?  Complete machine rebuild to Cat spec  New machine serial number & year of manufacture  Restores performance to new  Includes critical product updates

31 Customer Example – 775D Challenge:  Customer machine 24,000hrs old and in need of replacement to meet production requirements  Older machine not up to latest site safety requirements  Not got the budget for a new machine  Wants to keep all trucks the same


33 Benefits of CCR/CPT  Full 12 month warranty + option to extend  Familiar technology for operators and engineers  Improved reliability of Rebuilt Machine  Option to use Cat Finance  Budget flexibility

34 Some Built to be Rebuilt Users

35 You have options Caterpillar Certified Used equipment Caterpillar Certified Used equipment New Rental Cat Certified Rebuild Finning used equipment Finning used equipment Certified Power Train Certified Power Train Finning rebuild Finning rebuild

36 Something New



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