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Kick-off meeting Ayamonte, 17th and 18th October 2013.

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1 Kick-off meeting Ayamonte, 17th and 18th October 2013

2  Document templates available online: NA websites  Username and password in service contract  NAs’ and DML’s reminders of upcoming deadlines  Filled in and submitted via the web; printed and posted to NA (check with NA for all additional required documentation)

3  Interim report: ◦ Submitted to NA by 30 th June 2014  Last eligible mobilities /activities: 31 st July 2015  Final report: ◦ Submitted to NA by 30 th September 2015

4  All partners to provide a short update before the last day of every month, with information about any activities carried out during the month (mobilities, dissemination, work on resources).  Doing this will make it much easier to produce the interim and final reports.

5  Purpose ◦ Project follow-up by NA ◦ Self-assessment of partners  Implications. NA aims to: ◦ Gain a better understanding of the project ◦ Review whether the project is delivering according to the specifications outlined in the original application and grant agreement ◦ Identify project’s strengths, weaknesses and difficulties ◦ Assist in finding solutions to the problems ◦ Monitor the number of mobilities carried out and their outcomes ◦ Find examples of good practices

6  Partners’ role, communication and task distribution  Activities which have been carried out  Results and outcomes of mobilities  Integration of activities in the curricula of partner institutions  Main thematic areas covered  Problems and obstacles  Mobility descriptions and evaluation  Products generated  Dissemination activities carried out  Evaluation strategies and tools  Project impact Content of partnership, including:

7  Bear in mind: ◦ Clearly outlined assessment plan ◦ Gathering of proof (on a monthly basis) ◦ Participation of all the team members in the production of report ◦ Clarity and precision of report text ◦ Tip - Ask someone not working on the project to read the text  If you don’t submit the report, you will lose funding!

8  Part A: Refers to the joint partnership. ◦ Must be agreed on by all the partners ◦ Summary of project goals, partners’ roles, results ◦ Inclusion of all products generated  Part B: Relevant to own institution o Quantitative data about local activities and mobilities o Proof of activities carried out, outcomes produced, and dissemination activities carried out

9  Valorisation of project results why_en.htm  Problems and obstacles encountered  Information about the mobilities (obligation to complete the forecasted mobilities as a minimum)  Signed declaration (must provide original signatures)

10  Lump sum based on number of mobilities ◦ One mobility – one person travelling from their home country to another partner country and back: e.g. one member of staff and three learners go to the Spanish event, this is four mobilities.  Additional mobilities can be done but no extra funding is received for this.

11  Payment of the grant ◦ Payment of 80% on signature of the grant agreement ◦ Payment of the final 20% following the receipt, evaluation and approval of the final report.  Hard-copy evidence: each partner to keep: ◦ Boarding passes, train or bus tickets and meal receipts ◦ Certificates of attendance awarded by host institution ◦ Other expenses: Invoices to be kept for internal purposes only (check with your NA)  All evidence must be kept for a period of 5 years after the end of the project.  An On-The-Spot (OTS) check is a random check made during (called OTS Check During) or after (called OTS Audit After) the project.

12  Not filling in the report online  Submitting the final report without original signatures  Mobilities not being done effectively  Products not being uploaded to EST

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